Capital Smart City

    Capital Smart City

    With the opening up of the construction industry in the country, there is a boom in the entire construction scenario of the country. This is all due to the visionary leadership and business-friendly policies of the prime minister of Pakistan. New housing projects are coming up not only in the federal Capital but all over the country. Every industrialist and businessman is scrambling to launch their construction and land development project. So it was but natural for the big players in the construction business to initiate their take in this booming industry. In this respect, the big wig of the construction industry in this country, along with some of the big names of the construction industry from abroad, decided to collaborate. The names include Mr. Zahid Rafiq, chairman of FDH, Mr. Luis Fernandez-Reyes, CDO-FDH, and Mr. Aslam Malik, COO-FDH. Together these businessmen launched a joint venture residential project by the name of Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI).
    Capital Smart City Islamabad is a project of the Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd (FDH). FDH is a leading real estate developer and asset management company in Pakistan. They aim to develop state-of-the-art smart housing estates in the country. As mentioned earlier, Capital Smart City is owned by FDHL, which has become Pakistan’s leading real estate developer and asset management company. FDHL is registered under companies Ordnance 1984.

    About CSCI

    This capital city housing society is an upcoming housing project in the federal capital city of Islamabad. The revolutionary concept of Smart City introduced by the parent company M/S FDHL has been brought for the first time in Pakistan and is the 4th such city in Asia. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular residential areas in the country due to its impressive smart features.

    Owner of capital smart city  and Developers of CSCI

    The owners and developers of this prestigious project in Pakistan are a consortium of local as well as international construction and development organizations. The main local partner is the Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. Their international partners include (CLIC) China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd. The Engineering Division Pvt. Ltd (EDL) is also one of their partners. Besides these main companies, other foreign partners are also involved in this collaborative Joint venture.

    Project details

    Capital Smart City Islamabad is a smart housing project spread over an area of 65,000 Kanals. It is the closest housing society to the New International Airport Islamabad. The master plan given by the society is provisional and will be extended later on. Additional land will be added to the project, along with several mare blocks added to the final project. With the addition of extra land, the total area has now reached 80000 Kanal, making it the largest housing scheme in the area.

    Future developments of holdings

    FDHL is a top real estate development and asset management company in Pakistan. FDHL is registered with the government of Pakistan under Companies Ordnance 1984. The company was formed with the collaboration of one of Pakistan’s major land developers and construction company M/S Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd, with some of the well-known International names in the construction business. The major multinational companies who have joined hands with the HRL company are given below.

    Surbana Jurong Pvt. Ltd

    Surbana Jurong is a leading name in the urban development and industrial infrastructure consultancy business in Singapore. Surbana Jurong came into being in 2015 after the merger of Surbana with Jurong International holdings. After their merger and pooling of their resources, it became one giant solution for consultancy in the field of Urban and industrial infrastructure development.
    The incredibly large size of this organization is proven by the fact that it employs approximately 14,500 personnel across the globe in 130 offices. It is considered to be one of the largest Asia-based organizations with over 50 years of unmatched experience. They have shown their potential and abilities by mastering the art of planning gigantic projects with diverse facilities all across the globe.
    Moven Pick Hotels and Resorts is another partner in this consortium. Moven Picks is a world-renowned name in the field of luxurious hospitality. Moven Pick was established in 1940 in Switzerland; currently, it owns and operates chains of luxury hotels worldwide. It owns a legacy of Swiss hospitality heritage. They provide unmatched hospitality, as every one of their units provides a warm feeling of comfort to guests while they are thousands of miles away from home.
    Presently they are operating in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. What’s best is that Moven Pick will be establishing a 250 room hotel along with 150 serviced apartments with four dining halls, right in Capital Smart City Islamabad. The facilities also include community halls, a fitness center, and two swimming pools.

    Herradine Golf

    Herradine golf is considered as one of the top names in providing quality golfing facilities across the world. Established in 1929, they have established more than 200 golf projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. They are also responsible for organizing 91 PGA tournaments and have won numerous global awards. In Capital Smart City Islamabad, Herradine has collaborated with HDL in the planning of an 18-hole PGA signature golf course.
    Moreover, Freij Entertainment International is also known to have collaborated with HDL. Freij entertainment is a well-known company in serving the entertainment world since 1987. They are masters in organizing outdoor mega-events like circuses, carnivals, traveling rides, and mega outdoor events of recreational activities. They have the experience of organizing events such as carnivals and festivals in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, and other middle eastern countries.
    Additionally, they have also hosted shows in the Americas and Canada, among many other countries. Their events are known to provide entertaining facilitates such as world-class rides and games. Freij Entertainment is considered among the largest companies in arranging carnivals and entertainment events. More importantly, Capital Smart City Islamabad has collaborated with Freij entertainment to establish a top-notch amusement park. Moreover, Freij Entertainment will also develop entertainment parks in Lahore and Karachi in the soon to come future.

    About Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd

    Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd is a construction and land development company in Pakistan. During the past five decades, they have contributed immensely to the development of the country. They have been amongst the very few companies that are doing quality construction work within the country and abroad. They have also earned ISO 9000 certification due to their efforts and high-quality work. The HRL group has revolutionized housing infrastructure and development work during the last 15 years; they now command a respectable name in the construction industry.
    Here are some of the major projects Habib Rafiq Ltd. has completed over the years to prove to you their capability and experience.

    Power Plants

    • Chashma Nuclear Power Plant

    • Sahiwal Power Plant

    • Balloki Power Plant

    • Guddu Thermal Plant

    • Qadirabad Power Plant

    • Bin Qasim Power Plant

    • Guddu Power Plant

    • Bhikhi Power plant

    • Kot Addu Power Plant

    Housing Development Projects

    • DHA Lahore & Islamabad

    • Lake City Lahore

    • Royal Orchard Multan

    • Royal Orchard Sahiwal

    • Bahria Town Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi

    • Tariq Gardens All Projects

    • Bahria Garden City

    • Taman Sumadar Malaysia

    • Convention Center Islamabad

    • Motorways All Projects

    • Tricon Towers Lahore

    • Icon Towers Bahria H.O. Karachi

    Capital Smart City Location

    With careful planning, the Capital Smart City has been strategically situated in the suburbs of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, keeping in mind the distances to key areas. The distance of Capital Smart City from New Islamabad International Airport is 7 minutes of driving distance only. On the other hand, if you’re coming from the Motorway M-2, the smart city is only 9.2 km from the toll plaza.
    More importantly, a dedicated motorway interchange for this smart project has been approved near Thallian interchange, named as “Smart Interchange.” The closeness of the smart city to Rawalpindi ring road puts it at an excellent location, as the ring roads encompass the twin cities. Moreover, Chakri Road lies in the east, which is fairly close to the Rawalpindi ring road. Plans to build a seamless BRT connection to the New Islamabad International Airport are also in the making.

    Capital Smart City Map

    If you want to gain a deeper insight into the Capital Smart City location and planning, taking a look at the Capital Smart City map is a good choice. It shows you a clear view of the locations of the numerous districts of the society, along with the road network, allowing you to select your property effectively. Starting at the gate precinct, you can see the aviation, panda, healthcare, and education districts.
    Moreover, you can see the Lake View Terrace along with The Terraces, located near the beautiful landscape of the lake. Other areas such as the overseas district and executive block are also clearly visible. You can also see road networks connecting directly to the society, allowing you to estimate its proximity to key areas. Keeping all this information in mind, you can easily make your decisions about any kind of property in Capital Smart City.

    Capital Smart city total area

    Capital Smart City was initially planned over an area of 65,000 kanals. However, at the time of its launch, the total area of Capital Smart City was announced to be more than 80,000 kanals. However, it is proposed to be further extended, as the investors are showing greater interest each day due to the vast potential of the Capital Smart City.

    Capital Smart city NOC

    This project of Capital Smart City was approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. The Capital Smart City NOC was duly issued way back in November 2017. It has also been approved by the cad Islamabad.

    Capital Smart city features

    What sets this society apart from other societies is the provision of smart facilities that help to create an unmatched lifestyle in the society. CSCI is the pioneer in introducing smart features in the country. The salient features which make this project smart are smart villas, smart security, smart building, smart transportation, smart resource management, and connectivity. Besides its network of smart systems, CSCI also provides several other features for residential and commercial areas.
    In order to make these villas smart, Capital Smart City has joined forces with Trivelles International, a UK-based property development and investment company. With Trivelles International working on the project, these features will be the best up-scale and state-of-the-art features introduced for the first time in Pakistan. These villas have three categories of features installed, named as classic, premium, and exclusive.
    Houses with classic features installed have custom tiles, windows, cabinets, doors, a furnished kitchen, and much more. On the other hand, premium villa owners can enjoy several new features. Premium villa owners can ask for the décor of their home according to their preferences and style. Whereas, if someone desires an extraordinary décor and unique features, the exclusive villa is the best choice. These villas are smart in the true sense of the word smart. These villas have been installed with a smart network of technology that enables you to connect with your home through your smartphone.
    This allows you to control things in your home, such as the lights, with just a few clicks to your phone. Here are some of the Capital Smart City features you can take advantage of in an exclusive villa:
    • Automated Door Locks

    • Temperature control

    • Humidity control

    • Smart switches

    • Smart Doors and Windows

    • Gas Sensors

    • Magic Box

    • CCTV outdoor and indoor camera

    • Smart Motion Sensors

    • Remote access via cell phone

    Villa Types

    There are two main types of villa sizes being offered, which are 5 and 10 marlas. Each size has two different types, which define its décor and features.

    • 5 Marla Villa has two types named as
    • 10 Marla Luxury Villas in Lake Boulevard
    1. Abbey Villas (5 Marlas-3 bedrooms)
    2. Strand Villas (5 Marlas-4 bedrooms)
    1. Regent Villas (10 M Harley Villas (10 Marla 4 Bedrooms)(10 Marlas 5 Bedrooms)

    Capital Smart city blocks (Residential and Commercial)

    Capital Smart City has been divided into residential and commercial blocks for a more structured society. In the capital smart city residential Islamabad, one of these blocks is the Overseas Block, which is exclusively available for overseas Pakistanis because of its outstanding facilities and prime location. It has been carefully designed, keeping in mind the high standard requirements of overseas Pakistanis.
    As a result, it’s the most sought after district of Capital Smart City. Due to its high demand, it is considered as the best and safest investment an expat investor can make. It’s conveniently situated near to the main boulevard, while the entrance and exit points are well placed near to dedicated interchange from the motorway. The allotters of this block will also be given priority in the completion of development work and thus an early issuance of possession letters.
    Moving over to the executive block, it is located on one of the best spots of the Capital Smart City. This ideal location of the block between the golf course and the river makes it a very lucrative spot from an investor’s point of view.
    The third block is the Harmony park block, reserved for economically priced plots, which are highly sought after by the majority of customers. It’s the most ideal location for people looking for an affordable residential area. The plots available in this area are of a reasonable yet affordable size of 3.5 marla. Harmony block is situated adjacent to the executive block, which is directly connected to Main Boulevard. As a result, Harmony block enjoys a prime location in Capital Smart City.
    The General block is one of the largest blocks in Capital Smart City while also being the oldest block of the CSCI. Due to being older, it’s also one of the most developed blocks of CSCI. The General Block is ideally situated next to the Overseas block.
    The Overseas block has another part known as the Overseas prime block. This block is situated at an elevated position and provides an all-around view of the entire society. Lush vegetation and hilly areas near the block provide it a beautiful landscape. What’s best is that local residents can also buy properties in this block beside the expatriates.
    While designing the Capital Smart City in Islamabad, the planners have endeavored to make a vibrant and self-sustaining community. Along with residential blocks, commercial areas are also available. There is a wide range of plots being offered in the Capital Smart City’s commercial district. All necessary facilities for ergonomic activities have been provided in this block.
    The location of commercial plots in Capital Smart City is spread in all the residential blocks of the smart city, increasing their accessibility. Commercial plots are located within the 4 Blocks mentioned below:

    General Block

    Overseas Block i

    Overseas Block ii

    Executive Block

    Harmony Park

    The new category of 67 sq. yd. and 100 sq. yd. commercial plots are located in Harmony block.

    Commercial Block Categories:

    Here are various sizes of plots that Islamabad Capital Smart City real estate offers:

    1. 4 Marla
    2. 6 Marla
    3. 10 Marla

    However, on June 24, 2020, the management of capital smart city introduced two new categories of plots:

    1. 67 Square Yards
    2. 100 Square Yards

    You can use such plots to build your dream home or even turn them into capital smart city resorts Islamabad.

    One high-rise building is envisaged to be built on the main boulevard, which will be offered in the 3rd stage. The distance of commercial centers has been kept at an easily accessible distance of 400 meters.

    Capital Smart City Payment Plan

    In order to understand the capital smart city residencia Islamabad prices, you can take a look at the below-mentioned Capital Smart City payment plan chart, while purchasing a capital smart city house Rawalpindi.

    Plot size Total Price
    5 marla
    7 marla
    10 marla
    12 marla
    1 Kanal
    2 Kanal
    • Chashma Nuclear Power Plant

    • Sahiwal Power Plant

    • Balloki Power Plant

    • Guddu Thermal Plant

    • Qadirabad Power Plant

    • Bin Qasim Power Plant

    • Guddu Power Plant

    • Bhikhi Power plant

    • Kot Addu Power Plant

    However, alongside full payments, Capital Smart City also provides properties on installments. You can purchase one and two kanal plots in 3.5 years’ quarterly installments. Moreover, capital smart city residencia apartments Islamabad are also available. Latest developments and Development status The developers of capital smart city residencia are trying their best to provide all modern services and facilities to the residential as well as commercial areas. In this regard, they have gone beyond the basics to arrange the best facilities for the residents and investors. Various developmental works have already been undertaken by the Habib Rafiq group. They are trying to complete numerous developmental projects within their deadline period.
    Currently, work is going on in full swing for leveling the entire ground, after which a road network will be laid for efficient transport. Developers plan to complete work in a period of three years. At the end of the deadline, the payment schedule will also be completed, thus enabling the management to hand over possession of the plots to the owners.

    Why Capital Smart City is Smart City?

    Capital Smart City Islamabad is the first smart city in Pakistan and the 4th smart city in Asia. No other Islamabad real estate offers the same features.
    Here are the major features which make this city smart:
    1. Smart Connectivity
    2. Smart homes, Villas, and Buildings
    3. Smart transportation and road network
    4. Smart facilities Smart security
    The concept of smart homes and villas has been introduced for the first time in Pakistan. It means all the appliances and devices in your home are connected through your cell phone. These appliances can be controlled by the owner remotely through smartphones. The owners can check the security of their homes while controlling the temperature and many other appliances through dedicated mobile phone applications.
    Moreover, each property has been installed with CCTV cameras and motion sensors for foolproof security. Any motion in the house can be detected while the entire property is monitored through CCTV cameras. The smart motion sensors, when activated, can alarm you if there’s an intruder in the house by sounding an alarm as well as by sending an SMS. Regardless of your location, you can view your house from the inside out, as you will always be connected to your CCTV cameras.
    Additionally, the smart house also enables you to lock doors remotely through your phone. As a result, you can give access to guests remotely while also keeping your house safe when you’re away. Along with other sensors, the gas sensors will detect any leakages and alarm you accordingly, keeping you safe at all times. Moreover, through the provision of wide roads, separate cyclist lanes, and public transport buses, an efficient and modern transportation system is established. Other smart features include modern infrastructure facilities.
    For the efficient provision of power, an underground electrical system has been constructed. Moreover, advanced security systems, a 24/7 supply of electricity, gas, and water, along with state-of-the-art shopping centers, hotels, and sports facilities, all contribute to the modern infrastructure. Additionally, mosques, parks, lakes, and recreational areas like the 18-hole golf course are also available.

    Why you should invest in Capital Smart city

    There are two perspectives to keep in mind for answering this question. One is from the investor’s point of view who wants a hefty return on his investment. The other is from a resident’s point of view. The investors would like to know who are the builders and developers of the project, alongside the stability and potential of the project. The decision to invest depends on the answers to these crucial questions. Considering all the details given about Capital Smart City developers, along with its development, you can easily find out the answers to these questions.
    The builders of this project are all well-known names of the construction and development industry of the country. They command a very high reputation amongst the business circles in the country and abroad. This fact alone is strong enough to ensure a secure and lucrative investment for any investor. However, the trustworthiness of the developers isn’t the only reason to invest in this society, as it has a lot more to offer. Most importantly, Capital Smart City is a state-of-the-art project constructed and designed with careful planning, which increases its potential significantly. Moreover, the development of the society has been initiated by keeping in mind environmental effects. As a result, the project is more sustainable and holds a better future.
    The collaboration of multinational companies in the development of the society increases its profitability for investors. After all, multinational companies did extensive research before investing in the society, which means it’s highly lucrative for the average investor. The society also offers a high return on investment in a very short period of time, which is an excellent reason to start investing. Other reasons include an easy installment plan, a transparent system of allotment, and timely possession. All these are reasons enough to ensure high profits, without any fear of fault or petty tactics as is common in other projects.

    How to book your plot in Capital Smart city

    The booking procedure in Capital Smart city is also very simple and smart. You can easily book any type of property of your choice in CSCI from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps mentioned below. The first step is to fill out the application form. You can do so by visiting a website and filling out the form by providing the required information. Moreover, you also need to provide three passport size photographs, a copy of your CNIC/NICOP, and copies of your next nominee.
    You can then attach payment which is 10% of the total price of your booked property, in the form of a pay order, cheque, or cash in favor of “Future Developments Holdings Pvt. Ltd”. Submit your form along with the payment to confirm your booking. Upon receiving, your allotment file will be prepared and dispatched to your address within 30 days.

    Capital Smart city FAQs

    Here are some Capital Smart City Faqs that you might find useful for making your decisions of buying property in this society.

    Smart city is an entirely new type of society that is being introduced for the first time in Pakistan. Using cutting-edge technology, such as smart homes, Capital Smart City is a one of a kind society, providing an extraordinary lifestyle for its residents.

    Yes, M/S FDHL has obtained the necessary NOC from the RDA. So, there’s nothing to worry about for the investors as well as residents, as all legal matters have been dealt with. The cadd Islamabad has also approved this project.

    Currently, the development work is going on in the society at its full pace. The development will soon be completed within a few years.

    The management intends to complete the developmental work in approximately two years. After that, possession letters will be issued to those who have paid their dues, and there’s no outstanding amount on their name.

    Capital Smart City is presently fetching the highest return for its investors. Due to its modernistic design and infrastructure planning, it’s considered the best investment opportunity, whether it’s long term or short term investment.

    The unique features of this society have been mentioned in detail above. But the major features are the smart features that set this society apart from any other housing project in Pakistan. The smart features include state-of-the-art security, smart windows and doors, remote control of all appliances, and smart sensors. Many of these smart features have been introduced for the first time in Pakistan.


    Taking into account all these features, it has been established beyond a shadow of a doubt that Capital Smart City is presently the best housing project which money can buy. As can be seen, by the development and the master plan of the project, it becomes quite clear that this project will become a trendsetter in the construction industry of the country. If one wants to buy a property for residency or for investment purposes, Capital Smart City is the way to go. There is no other society that offers the smart facilities and high returns on investment that Smart Capital City does. All this was made possible due to well-reputed owners, great developmental efforts, and clever thinking.

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