Faisal Town


    While driving on the Motorway M-1, you will come across a sprawling and excellently designed housing complex when you reach near Fateh Jang Interchange. This area falls within the RDA jurisdiction but is considered part of sector F-18 Islamabad. This housing complex has been duly approved by the RDA, and the Faisal Town NOC has already been issued by the competent authority, which can be verified by visiting RDAs website at www.rda.gop.pk.
    This housing project named Faisal Town is the brainchild of Chaudhary Abdul Majeed, who is the owner of Zedem International Private Limited. Chaudhary Abdul Majeed is also the owner & Chairman of MPCHS who is wielding an excellent reputation amongst the building development circles. Their other projects situated in E 11, F-17, and B-17 prove their success. Faisal Town is not a big housing scheme, consisting of only three residential blocks named A, B, and C. However, the development standard of this scheme is of the highest level in the construction industry. The construction of commercial areas and Villas is rapidly going on in the society. Those who have invested in this society have no regrets, as it has proved to be a boon for them within 2 years.
    The development work is going on in full gear. With the completion of block A in less thantwo and a half years. Currently, the construction activity of commercial plazas and houses is also going on rapidly. The files of the project are selling like a hot cake in the real estate market.

    Faisal Town Owners and Developers

    Zedem International Private Limited is owned by Chaudhary Abdul Majeed, under whose able guidance this new project of Faisal Town Islamabad is fast coming up. He is the ex-chairman of MPCHS, his name is synonymous with a good reputation in the real estate market of Islamabad. This is due to their well-reputed projects of B-17, E-11 and F-17.
    The name of Zedem International is a well-known brand name in the housing sector in Pakistan. Their other projects are in different stages of construction, which are taking place all over the country. Their other projects are Faisal Margalla City , Faisal Hills, Sea Square and Faisal Residencia. The development activity going on in these projects is sustaining a very high standard of construction and development work, which is crediting to the builders’ succes. The main goal of Zedem International is to set new benchmark standards in the construction industry. Thus, all the group projects are potentially risk-free with a guaranteed good return on their investments.

    Zedem International Private Limited

    Zedem International Private Limited have their head office situated in Islamabad. Their highly professional team of designers, Engineers, managers, constructors, customers service representatives, front desk officers and supporting staff make up their team members. At Faisal Town, all the team members are highly qualified, trained and competent professionals working as a team in their respective areas of responsibility. They believe in the ethical way to fulfill their duties with professionalism, integrity, and above all, service to their clients efficiently.
    Zedem International Pvt. Limited is playing a leading role in building a community for a sustainable future. Zedem is providing a reliable platform for all players in the real estate market of the twin cities. Whether they be builders, investors, engineers or anyone associated with the development & building industry, they can benefit from this flourishing network of real estate businesses. Zedem provides a trusted platform for all market participants through their real estate company in Faisal Town. Faisal Residencia, Faisal Tower, and Sea Square are some of Zedem’s successful projects, just to name a few.
    The undermentioned firms are associated with the Zedem International Pvt Limited,
    1. Faisal Town Pvt Limited
    2. Margalla city Pvt Limited
    3. CAM Construction Pvt. Limited

    Faisal Town Location

    The Faisal Town is ideally located on main Fateh Jang-Kohat Road, beside the Fateh Jang Interchange on M-1, Motorway. This puts it at only a ten minutes driving distance from the New Islamabad International Airport. What’s even better is that the distance from Faisal Town to N-5 G.T road is only a five-minute drive.
    The main artery of Islamabad, the Kashmir Highway and Margalla Avenue are also very near, which can provide a quick access path to the city. Previously Faisal Town was considered to be within the capital territory. However, after getting approval and NOC, it has fallen under the RDA jurisdiction.

    Faisal Town Map

    To gain more information about the structure and location of Faisal Town, taking a look at the Faisal Town map is a good idea. The Faisal Town Islamabad map provides a top view of the structure of the society, allowing you to see the positioning of everything from plots to parks and blocks. You can explore through the Faisal Town Islamabad directions to see the big picture. This way, you can choose a plot more wisely. Moreover, you can also gain information about the number and size of plots available from a table. A site location map is also available, which shows the location of Faisal Town in relation to surrounding areas, such as the Islamabad Airport.

    The Status of Faisal Town’s NOC

    Zedem International Private Limited has met the requirement of obtaining the NOC of faisal town after getting approval from the RDA. Having said this, there’s no doubt that Faisal Town is a safe place to invest in while starting a new life in your dream home. The project meets all legal requirements by the government. So, don’t be hesitant to buy plots and start building as your money is secure. In fact, great profits are waiting for you upon investment.

    Faisal Town Features

    Faisal Town Islamabad is an ideal living spot as it has all the features and amenities one can ever ask for. From large shopping malls to a constant supply of water and gas, Faisal Town will not fail to meet your expectations. Here are some spots and places that Faisal Town features:

    Modern Commercial Areas

    With careful thinking and planning, a modern commercial area in Faisal Town surrounding has been designed to effectively take care of residents’ needs. Every block has its own modern commercial area, with retail brands and entertainment spots for an improved living. You’ll find many international brands alongside well-known local brands in every commercial area.

    Branded Shopping Malls

    Newly built shopping malls with state-of-the-art facilities have also been developed in Faisal Town for a luxurious lifestyle. These modern malls have been designed with cutting-edge elevators, escalators, security systems, valet parking services, and clean restrooms alongside other facilities.

    Underground Electricity, Water & Gas

    Faisal Town makes sure no resident faces any issue related to the supply of basic amenities such as water, gas, and electricity. Electrical systems have been built underground to avoid inconveniences, while water and gas are supplied 24/7 without pauses.

    Wide Carpeted Road

    For hassle-free and easy transportation, Faisal Town prioritized the development of a network of wide carpeted roads. In the first development stage of the society, Faisal Town had constructed a modern road system. Moreover, the main boulevard, double roads and streets are built by taking street lights and side paths into consideration.

    Gated Community

    Faisal Town has created a secure boundary surrounding it for a safe and sound living, keeping it isolated from any dangers outside the society. Faisal Town prioritizes safe living standards and ensures every area of the society is secure by a boundary and separated from other societies.

    Security Systems

    When it comes to security, Faisal town is one of the most secure housing societies out there. The developers of Faisal Town have installed cutting-edge security systems around the whole society to secure and instill a feeling of security amongst residents. CCTV cameras with built-in motion sensing and night vision technology are used to catch any unwanted activity before dangerous consequences. A private security force further reinforces society’s security system by ensuring every main point of society, such as the entrance gate, main markets, and society walls, is safe.

    Parks and Play Grounds

    Whether it’s children or adults, entertainment is essential for a better lifestyle in any society. Faisal Town is aware of the important need of entertainment for people and makes sure its residents live their lives to the fullest. The master plan of this society includes numerous family parks and play areas for outdoor entertainment activities.

    Schools and Colleges

    Having a nearby educational institute is another important need of residents. Therefore, Faisal Town has taken the responsibility of permitting the development of reputable and reliable schools and colleges in its vicinity.


    Magnificent mosques with breathtaking architecture have been built in every commercial block of Faisal Town so that its residents can fulfill their religious duties in peace. Whether it’s the Jummah prayer or Eid prayer, Faisal Town mosques can have hundreds of people praying at once. A hot and cold supply of clean drinking water is also installed in mosques.

    State of the art hospital and health centers

    To provide for the healthcare needs of residents, a modern hospital has been built for the treatment of all kinds of ailments. The hospital is equipped with cutting-edge equipment to deal with any kind of emergencies in or outside the society.

    Residential Blocks

    The main part of the society consists of carefully planned and impressively constructed residential blocks. To make the blocks more appealing, they are surrounded by stunning greenery and specially designed landscapes. For entertainment purposes, each block has its own markets, playgrounds and clubs.

    Community Center

    There is a separate community center for each block in the society. These community centers can be booked in advance by the residents for any functions in their families like birthdays, meetings, and weddings.
    Faisal Town is considered the most sought-after housing project in its vicinity due to its ideal location, modern development work, and unmatched reputation as the most profitable society for investors. These aspects of Faisal Town make it stand out of the crowd, setting it apart from other high-end societies like Park View City and Blue World City in Islamabad. The prices of plots for sale in Faisal Town Islamabad are constantly rising due to the numerous features it provides, alongside its proximity to the New Islamabad Airport. Even having built such a perfect housing society, the developers are still tirelessly working to improve facilities and achieve greater standards.

    Other Features

    Malls near Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    The major shopping centers of the city like Al-Rehman shopping center and Rafay mall on Peshawar Road are only a 20 to 25 minutes drive away from Faisal Town. While The Mall, City Center, Rania Mall and Faisal shopping Mall in Saddar, Rawalpindi can be accessed in a 40-minute drive from F-18 Central Park. Centaurus Mall, Panorama shopping center and Mall of Islamabad can also be reached within 30-35 minutes from the park.

    Restaurants and Bakeries near Faisal Town

    Currently, there are no restaurants or eating areas in Faisal Town F-18. However, this isn’t a problem, as there are countless eating places in nearby areas. For example, Chick Fillet in H-13 is only a 20 minutes driving distance away from Faisal Town. Moreover, Dera Khyber Restaurant and Noorani Restaurant in G-11 and G-10 would take 25 minutes by car to reach. Chilman restaurant in G-9 and Bismillah Restaurant and Naan Center can be reached in 30 minutes. Similarly, the best bakers in the twin Cities, Bake Man Bakers & Sweets and Tehzeeb Bakers in G-10, are about 30 minutes away from Faisal Town Central Park.

    Outdoor Activities, Fitness And Beauty

    Sports Facilities and Fitness Centers near Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    Fitness centers near Faisal Town F-18 Central Park are: The Fitness Lab in H-13, which is only a 23-minute drive away. X Sports Center in G-13, which takes a 20-minute drive to reach. Muscle up Fitness Club in G-10, which takes 24 minutes to reach.

    Parks in and near Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    For outdoor activities, a large football park has been built to play football peacefully. A community park with a jogging track is also built in Faisal Town, where residents can spend quality time with their families or have a peaceful jog. Moreover, the Shakarparian National Park of Islamabad is only a 40 minutes driving distance from Faisal Town F-18 Central Park. What’s best is that the famous picnic spot of Rawal lake is about 44 minutes away from Faisal Town.

    Salons and Spas near Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    Up till now, there are no beauty salons inside Faisal Town. However, there are many well-known salons near Faisal Town. For instance, Depilex Beauty Clinic & Salon in F-10, Maha Beauty Salon, and Faiza’s Parlor in G-10 are only 30 minutes away from Central Park in F-18.

    Faisal Town Nearby Areas

    Strategically located near the New Islamabad International Airport, Faisal Town can be accessed through the Fateh Jang Interchange. This interchange, in turn, is joint with the M-2 Motorway and Kashmir Highway, reaching main Islamabad.

    Things To Consider

    Faisal Town in the F-18 sector, Islamabad, is an approved housing project by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It is a small housing society that comprises two blocks of luxury villas and commercial properties. When it comes to investment, this society is known to be very rewarding with short-term profits. In fact, according to the sales trends of Faisal Town, The Gate Mall & Apartments are the most searched sites by new investors. Faisal Town block A was developed and handed over to its owners two and a half years ago; currently, the construction of block B is rapidly going on. Compared to nearby societies, the fast-paced work in Faisal Town F-18 has brought in many investors to launch further projects in the society.

    Details of the Project

    Faisal Town Islamabad consists of three blocks named A, B, and C. They are residential blocks with high-end developmental work rapidly going on. All types of plots, i.e., Residential Homes, Villas, and commercial plots in Faisal Town, are in high demand by the general public and investors. The vast network of wide carpeted roads, along with efficient sewerage disposal systems, a constant supply of amenities, and hospitals, prove the quality lifestyle in Faisal Town.

    Master Plan of Faisal Town Islamabad

    As per the Master Plan of the Project, the society is perfectly placed near the twin cities and the major highways. Due to its proximity to the New Islamabad Airport, it is likely to come under Islamabad zone 2.

    Faisal Town Islamabad Blocks

    The development works now underway in Faisal Town Islamabad is on a large scale, divided into three main blocks. Currently, blocks A, B, and C are being developed at a fast pace, meaning they will be completed within a few months. The society has started offering plots of different sizes to the public. Plots of sizes 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 14 Marla and 1 Kanal are being offered to the public for sale.

    Faisal Town Blocks A and B

    Additionally, the blocks being developed in Faisal Town are of the highest level, featuring amazing areas like shopping malls, parks, and luxury villas. In comparison, block A is better developed than the other blocks in the society, and as a result, many people are now living there. Block B, on the other hand, is a good investment opportunity due to its close distance to the M2 Motorway, which will soon be connected with the M1 Motorway.

    Faisal Town Block C

    The location of block C makes it the best investment in the housing development scheme. The main reason for this is that block C will be connected to the Kashmir highway and Islamabad Airport in the coming future. Moreover, a full-sized cricket stadium to be built over 60 Kanal of land in block C.

    Faisal Town Plots

    All plots which were offered on easy installments have been sold out; only a few files are left for resale. Resale plots in Block A and B are available at different prices.
    1. Plots of 5-6 Marla are priced in the range of 55-65 lac.
    2. Plots of 8 Marla are available for 65-70 lac.
    3. Plots of 10-11 Marla are being sold for 70-90 Lac.
    4. Plots of size 14 Marla are being quoted for 90 lac-1 crores.
    5. Plots of 1 Kanal are sold between 1.5-2 crores.

    Properties In Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    Sales Price Trends in Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    Faisal Town F-18 has very reasonable prices for its housing plots, but prices may vary with time.

    Houses for Sale in Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    The Gate Mall & Apartments, Ecstasy Park Luxury Apartments, Faisal Square and Al-Harmain Center, are some of the best areas to check if you’re looking to buy a house in Faisal Town F-18. On average, the price for an eight-marla plot in Faisal Town F-18 is about PKR 1.5 crore.

    Flats for Sale in Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    Depending on the number of rooms in a flat, the price for apartments in Faisal Town F-18 can change. As an example, an apartment with one bedroom will cost you PKR 34 lac, while a two-bedroom apartment will go for PKR 43 lac. As a result, an apartment with three bedrooms will cost you PKR 60-65 lac. A four-bedroom apartment in Ecstasy Park Luxury Apartments will cost you about 1.7 crores.

    Plots for Sale in Faisal Town F-18 Islamabad

    Plot sizes ranging from 8 marla to 1 Kanal are available in this region. Unlike its neighboring societies located close to the Islamabad International Airport, the land in F-18 is reasonably priced. The price for eight marla plots is about PKR 39.1 lac, while ten marla plots go out for PKR 62.5 lac. For larger sizes of 14 marla and 1 Kanal, you’ll need to pay PKR 62.5 lac and PKR 79 lac, respectively. Moreover, you can get a 21% discount upon a small amount of payment. A 5% extra is charged if you’re buying a short-corner plot. However, you’ll be charged 10% additionally in the situation of buying a proper corner or main boulevard plot. Coming to smaller-sized plots, you can also find 5 marla plots for sale in Faisal Town Islamabad. You’ll need about PKR 29 lac to buy a plot of this size.

    Commercial Properties in Faisal Town

    The Tower, Al Harmain Centre, The Gate Mall & Apartments, and Faisal Square are some housing projects that offer investment opportunities to investors for buying commercial properties. A commercial area of one marla starts at PKR 16 lac and goes up to 53.5 lac. A five marla commercial property will cost you about PKR 2.3 crore.

    Prices and Faisal Town Payment Plan

    Due to the opening of New Islamabad Airport, mega commercial projects, high standards, fast-paced work and trust of investors, Faisal Town has become quite expensive. Prices for properties are continuing to rise while development is still going on as requirements are still increasing. If you’re looking for a Faisal town Islamabad house for sale, here is a list of the latest prices to gain more information about the Faisal Town payment plan:
    Plot size Total Price Total Price Total Price Total Price
    5-6 Marla
    8 Marla
    10-11 Marla
    14 marla
    1 Kanal
    Please note that currently, no booking of plots is taking place in Faisal Town. The majority of bookings were done at lower prices than the ones mentioned in the list given above. Nonetheless, by looking at the list you can get an idea of the latest booking prices in block C along with the Faisal town Islamabad payment schedule.

    Possession and Development Status

    This housing scheme has been a hit in the real estate market. Initial investors received double the amount they put in only under a period of two years. The greatest factor behind this success is the fast-paced development of the housing scheme. Block A was constructed in an incredibly short period of two and a half years. Numerous houses have been built in block A, while more continue to be constructed.
    Now block B has reached its end of development and is ready to be handed over to its owners. Those who have obtained possession letters have started construction work and are expected to move to their new houses soon. In the soon to come future, block B will be populated by many people.
    Block C is under development stage and is expected to be soon completed due to its rapid development. The files of block C are being traded in the market on a profit by speculators. This project has proven to be of immense profit for those who have invested in it in the early stages. Their initial investment has already doubled within two years. The main reason for this has been the fast pace of development, due to which investors have reposed confidence in the society.
    Presently the construction work of commercial plazas and houses in block A is fast approaching completion. Similarly, the work on block C is fast apace, while sale and purchase of files are taking place extensively in the market for a handsome profit.

    What does the Society Offer?

    Faisal town offers a neat, clean and secure environment to its clients. As a result, residents live a high-end life with a modern lifestyle. The marvelously designed entrance gates are 110 feet wide, impressing residents as soon as they enter. They reflect a mixture of modern and Mughal architecture, welcoming all visitors to the Faisal Town society. Faisal Town consists of three blocks which makes it a compact residential enclave. The three blocks named A, B, and C constitute a calm and quiet neighborhood of a peaceful residential community. The tranquil atmosphere makes it an ideal and peaceful locality far from the noisy and polluted areas of cities. More importantly, Faisal Town is approved by the RDA and offers plots of a range of different sizes.

    Why invest in Faisal Town?

    Professionals from the iReal Project have carefully analyzed and reviewed the Faisal Town society. This review has proved that Faisal Town is one of the most popular and prosperous societies in Islamabad zone 2. This is mainly due to its excellent location, well-planned development and lucrative commercial value. All these factors, along with its proximity to the new Islamabad International Airport, have contributed to the high prices of plots in Faisal Town Islamabad. These factors make this real estate project an ideal investment opportunity that one should grab before it’s too late.

    Why Faisal Town Islamabad?

    Undoubtedly, Faisal Town is an ideal location to invest in. Here are some reasons that will further prove why this is true. Perhaps the most important reason to invest in Faisal Town is its high return on investment. For anyone looking to invest, Faisal Town provides an unmissable opportunity. Only within two years people have gained a sufficient amount of profit. It’s true that the society falls within the jurisdiction of RDA.
    However, its location makes it a part of the Islamabad CDA sector as well, which leads to high-value properties. Moreover, in the coming years, the value of properties will only continue to increase as a result of the fast-paced development. It’s true that the Faisal Town housing project stands tall among all other housing projects in its vicinity. However, neighboring societies are quite prominent and significant. For instance, Capital Smart City, University Town, and ICHS Town have great influence. The value of Faisal Town has further increased due to its proximity to these rising societies. Having prominent societies nearby places Faisal Town as the central hub of development. Moreover, the New Islamabad Airport has also increased the value of properties in Faisal Town.
    Faisal Town is known for its clean and peaceful environment, unlike any other society. The tranquil atmosphere prevailing in the housing project is due to the high standard of Town planning. Residents need not worry about water shortages, gas or electric problems, which many residents of other societies encounter on a daily basis. It’s not surprising that property value is quite high.
    As the master plan of Islamabad is under observation, it’s quite possible that F-18 will fall under the jurisdiction of CDA while being declared as a sector of Islamabad officially. As a result, the success of Faisal Town will increase significantly due to a boost in popularity. Faisal Town is strategically positioned with careful planning. Not only is it close to the Islamabad Airport, but also close to the junction of Rawalpindi. Moreover, the addition of a metro bus service makes transportation easier than ever before. Excellent transportation services coupled with a prime location lead to a highly profitable society.
    Faisal Town, with its easy access from the Fateh Jang road, which connects Rawalpindi and Islamabad with different cities of the country, will make it a pivotal point. Additionally, a 200 feet wide Fateh Jang road has been approved and will be constructed after the opening of New Islamabad Airport. Once the access road to Faisal Town will be built, it will have a great influence on the popularity of the society.

    Faisal Town FAQs

    You can learn more about the society through the below mentioned Faisal Town FAQs

    Faisal Town is a gated housing society located on the main Fateh Jang Road.

    Faisal Town is positioned beside the Fateh Jang intersection, which joins it to the Srinagar Highway and the Motorway. The Federal Capital and the New Islamabad Airport are also easily accessible.

    The developers of Faisal Town are Zedem International Private Limited.

    Yes, Faisal Town is a gated society with secure boundaries surrounding it.

    Yes, the Rawalpindi Development Authority has approved the project.


    The price of a 5-6 Marla plot is between 55-65 lac.

    Yes, there’s a constant supply of gas and water, along with an underground electricity system built to provide power.

    No, there is no payment plan with a Faisal Town Islamabad installment plan. No booking is being made currently, and most of the previously made bookings were made at prices lower than the ones mentioned earlier.

    Faisal Town has three blocks known as:

    Block A

    Block B

    Block C

    To cater to the needs of its residents, Faisal Town has state-of-the-art hospitals and reputable schools.


    In a nutshell, Faisal Town Islamabad is a housing society par excellence. Its development and features are unmatched, even though high-end societies surround it. The uniqueness of its design, architecture, and location makes it the most profitable housing project. While being a relatively small housing project, Faisal Town does not fail to deliver excellent facilities and a luxurious environment for a modern lifestyle. However, there are a few more options like Park View City Islamabad, Nova City Islamabad and Taj Residencia if you want to live in the twin cities.

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