Lahore Smart City | Payment Plan & Installment | Location & Map [Complete Guide]


    M/S Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd is amongst the top few constructors and developers in the country. When the prime minister of Pakistan announced reforms in the construction sector of the economy, there was suddenly a tremendous growth in all sections of the construction industry. New housing and development projects started coming up all over the country.

    Some constructors were doing work on land development while others were designing housing complexes and apartments. This whole activity is not limited to one city of the country but, it was going on from Peshawar to Karachi.

    As a result of the business promotion policies of the government, the construction industry is thriving, with new projects coming up every day. It is in this backdrop that M/s HRL launched Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) or FDHL. Right from its inception, FDHL started planning to bring innovation to the housing sector.

    These were the reasons which made FDHL to plan Smart City Lahore. Before the advent of this one-of-a-kind society, investors, along with people planning to buy homes, were quite confused due to the wide range of housing societies. However, as Lahore Smart City rose in the construction market, its unmatched features and qualities made it evident as the best option for investors and people. To give you a deeper insight into this incredible housing society, here are some key details about it.

    Lahore Smart City project details

    Situated near Kala Shah Kaku, along the Lahore bypass road, the Smart city Lahore is fast taking the shape of a very attractive and vibrant housing project. The planners and developers of Smart City Lahore are M/S FDL or Future Development Holding.

    Smart City Lahore is their second project of its kind in Pakistan, the first being Capital Smart City Islamabad. In fact, Smart City Lahore would be the 5th project of its kind in Asia and 22nd in the world, which proves its uniqueness across the world, let alone in Pakistan.

    The creator of Smart City, FDL, is a top-class developer in real estate. Their aim is to construct a state-of-the-art smart housing project in Pakistan. Capital Smart City Islamabad and Smart City Lahore both projects are owned by FDL. The concept of a smart city is based on an eco-friendly urban development project.

    Technology plays a key role in the development of this society, which is essential for a 21st-century resident or investor. The Smart City Lahore will spread over 20,000 kanals, with numerous developmental projects and structured residential areas.

    Owners of Lahore Smart City

    Owners and developers of Smart city Lahore are FDHL, which comprises of local and foreign land development organizations. The local Lahore Smart City owner’s name is M/S Habib Rafiq Ltd., which is one of the largest govt. Contractors and land development companies in Pakistan.

    China Liaoning International Economic Corporation Ltd. (CLIC) is one of the foreign companies. Another partner of FDHL is The Engineering Division (Pvt) Ltd (EDL). Each company in this joint venture follows international standards of work ethics, showing great dedication towards their projects, such as Lahore Smart City.

    Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited are the major local partners of the FDHL, the builders, developers of the Smart City Lahore. They are amongst the very few builders and developers who are doing high-quality work within the country and abroad. They have earned ISO 9000 certification due to their high standard of work.

    Developers of Lahore Smart City

    Smart City Lahore is a joint venture project; as such, it is being executed by a team of highly qualified and experienced experts. All the members have pooled their resources in the development of this state-of-the-art project. Local developers such as Habib Rafiq Ltd. and FDHL have collaborated with renowned foreign companies.

    China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd and Surbana Jurong have acknowledged the great potential of Smart City Lahore, agreeing to develop it. Surbana Jurong is a well-known foreign land development company, which is currently developing the master plan of Lahore Smart City.

    Moreover, Moven Pick Hotels and Resorts are another well-known partner in the development of Lahore Smart City. They own a chain of prestigious hotels located around the world, renowned for their Swiss hospitality and high-class facilities. Freij entertainment will participate in the development of Smart City for entertainment purposes.

    Lahore Smart City Location

    The developers and planners of this society have carefully planned each aspect, including the location of this project. They are aware of the transportation issues that can arise due to a mediocre location. Alongside making it more convenient for residents and visitors to travel to or from Lahore Smart City with an ideal location, the property value also increases, which is good news for investors.

    The Lahore Smart City location is very close to the national highway known as N-5, which is near Kala Shah Kaku Railway Station. This position makes it easily accessible from all sides via GT road, M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorways, and Lahore Sialkot Motorway.

    There’s another link road being built which will make it very close to the Ring Road Lahore, thus making it accessible to the entire city of Lahore. Smart city Lahore can be considered as a true suburban locality of Lahore, as it is located right next to the city of Lahore. In this way, developers tried to give the Smart City dwellers an environment-friendly atmosphere away from the noise and smoggy environment of the Lahore metropolis.

    All while keeping the society within reach of the inner city through carefully designed roads and links. The western limits of the Smart City Lahore are just a 5 minutes driving distance from the new campus of UET. Allama Iqbal International Airport is also reachable within 18 minutes of driving distance, whereas DHA Lahore is also at the same driving distance from the Smart City. As a result, residents of Smart city will encounter no issues traveling to the key areas of Lahore.

    Lahore Smart City Map

    In order to understand the location and structure of the Lahore Smart City in-depth, taking a look at the map is a good idea. As society is extensively spread out into complex structures of blocks and districts, it can be hard to select a property to buy. However, the Lahore Smart City Map makes it easier to make decisions for buying the right property.

    At the top of the map, you will be able to see the executive block along with the sports district. As we move downwards, the Silicon Valley, education district, and healthcare districts are also visible. The map also shows areas such as theme parks and mosques.

    Lahore Smart City Accessibility

    Smart City Lahore has been designed and situated in such a way, so, as to make it conveniently accessible to its residents and visitors alike. The developers of Lahore Smart City want to prevent any sort of inconveniences for their residents and create a highly accessible society. The Smart City is located very near to the GT road, on the link road connecting Motorway and GT road. Besides Lahore–Sialkot motorway, it is also accessible via the Lahore Ring Road.

    This connection with the Ring Road makes it very close to the entire city of Lahore. Within just a few minutes, one can easily travel to anywhere in Lahore using the Ring Road. More importantly, all routes connecting to the Lahore Smart City are clean and high-quality roads, allowing for a comfortable journey.

    Unlike many other societies, you won’t have to spend hours trying to reach your destination while going through congested and broken roads full of traffic. Here are some important points that further prove the high accessibility of Lahore Smart City:

    1. It is located at Lahore bypass.
    2. Access from GT road is only a 4 minutes driving distance.
    3. Only 5 minutes driving distance from Ring Road Lahore.
    4. Access from Motorway M-11 is only a 10 minutes driving distance.
    5. Access from Lahore Sargodha is an 11 minutes driving distance.
    6. Access from Lahore ring road is about a 22 minutes driving distance.
    7. It’s only 8 minutes away from Hardosohal Muslim Road.
    8. It’s only 5 minutes away from Kala khatie Narang Mandi Road, Sheikhupura.

    Lahore Smart City total area

    Smart City Lahore is planned to be launched on 20,000 Kanals of land, which the company has already acquired. But the management does have plans for further expansion of the housing project in the future when the number of residents grows. Whenever the company plans for the expansion of the project, that will be announced accordingly.

    Lahore Smart City NOC

    The Lahore Smart City NOC has been successfully issued by the LDA. Therefore, all legal matters have been dealt with. Society will continue to develop and provide a peaceful living environment to people.

    Lahore Smart City features

    The Smart City Lahore is a one-of-a-kind society and has been installed with numerous features to provide the necessary facilities for a luxurious lifestyle. While planning the development of this society, the designers and engineers have carefully thought about the needs of every resident to incorporate the most suitable features.

    From failsafe security features to high-tech houses and a pollution-free environment, Smart City provides features that will exceed your expectations. Here are some important Lahore Smart City features you can experience at this society

    Smart houses

    As the name implies, residential areas have been constructed with smart several smart features to enhance the functions of houses. Residents of Smart city Lahore will be able to connect with their homes through an internet connection, regardless of their location. So, no matter where you are, you can keep a check on your home and make sure everything is in place.

    Furthermore, you can also control doors and lights simply by using your phone, as everything is connected via the internet. Tedious tasks such as getting up to turn off the lights have been reduced to just a few clicks to your phone. No doubt life will be much easier and comfortable in Lahore Smart City.

    Foolproof security

    Whether you’re buying a commercial plot or a residential one, security is immensely important. Not only is Lahore Smart city away from the dangers found in the crowded areas of Lahore due to its ideal location, but it also offers foolproof security features. Society has been isolated from external dangers by surrounding it with infallible gates and security professionals.

    Furthermore, security guards will patrol the society, monitoring unwanted activity and taking immediate action against it. However, security guards are not the only ones monitoring society’s security conditions. Due to being a smart city, high-quality CCTV cameras have been installed in every nook and corner of the society to maintain security, even in hidden areas. The footage from these CCTV cameras will be constantly monitored to take immediate action against any intruders or attackers.

    Moreover, the society has also included the use of motion sensors in commercial or residential areas to detect unwanted activity inside the smart houses. If a person trespasses a property, these sensors will sound an alarm, alerting security personnel to take action without delay. Additionally, street lights have been installed in each area to make residents feel safe at night.

    Pollution-free environment

    No one wants to live in a polluted area full of pests, diseases, and odors. Not only does such an area reduce the appeal of the society, but it also puts residents at risk. The Smart City Lahore has acknowledged these factors, effectively taking care of pollution. The society is kept clean at all times by frequent cleaning of roads, commercial, and residential areas.

    Moreover, all the junk and trash accumulated is sent away from the society. Pests and unwanted animals such as rats are eradicated from the society to prevent disease spread. Furthermore, the society has also developed an effective sewerage management system. Sewerage is often a major cause of pollution in many societies; however, Smart City Lahore is not one of them.

    To further improve the living conditions of residents, Smart City Lahore is excessively using trees and greenery. Alongside streets and especially in residential areas, a diverse range of trees is being grown, which reduces pollution significantly. Greenery will also help to increase the appeal of the society, making your living area look more attractive.

     Smart City Lahore Facilities

    Smart City Lahore has been provided with state-of-the-art facilities for the first time in Pakistan. The needs of the residents have been taken into account, and each facility has been provided to cater to their needs. Here are some of the many important facilities available for a comfortable life in Smart City Lahore.

    Entertainment and recreational facilities

    Entertainment facilities hold immense importance when it comes to housing projects. Residents need to spend their time outside and have fun without having to exit society. It would be quite challenging to live in an area with no recreational spots, as people would have to go outside the society.

    However, you don’t need to worry about such issues, as Smart City Lahore takes care of this effectively. Several entertainment projects are planned for construction within the society. Family parks with children’s areas are being built in every block.

    Each district within the society will be developed with unique spots for entertainment. Crystal lake is being developed to provide recreational spots along with a beautiful landscape for residents. Cinema theatres are also planned in numerous areas to allow residents and visitors to watch their favorite movies. Large areas for events such as festivals are also available.

    Sports facilities

    For healthy living, it’s essential to provide sports facilities to residents. The Lahore Smart City is developing several areas specifically built for sports. For example, golf parks, football fields, and cricket fields are planned to be built around the society. Smart City Lahore is the perfect place for sports enthusiasts. Furthermore, jogging tracks are also built around beautiful parks, providing the best place to exercise. Alongside sports facilities, Smart City provides gymnasiums nearby residential areas.

    Commercial facilities

    The Lahore Smart City has planned extensive commercial areas to provide several different facilities. All house items such as groceries can be bought from the nearby commercial areas. You won’t have to go out of the society at all, as everything will be available inside. Shopping areas such as malls will also be built to provide essential items while also being recreational spots.

    Banks, corporate offices, and all commercial centers can be found inside the society. You can even find jobs and build careers within the society. Smart City is the ideal place for every resident, as it takes care of each requirement effectively, whether it’s commercial or recreational.

    Master Plan of Lahore Smart City

    Lahore Smart City is a relatively new project; therefore, the owners of this project have not made the master plan available to the public yet. However, as soon as the development finishes, the owners and developers will update us on the master plan of the society.

    For now, we know that Surbana Jurong is the master planner of the Lahore Smart City project. Through recent developments, it can be deduced that the Smart City will be divided into several blocks with their own unique features and areas. The Lahore Smart City will also offer a diverse range of plots according to its master plan.

    Residential Plots in Lahore Smart City

    Residential plots in Lahore Smart City have been divided into many different sizes to provide the most suitable plot to each resident. Here are smart city Lahore plots for sale:

    1. 5 Marla
    2. 7 Marla
    3. 10 Marla
    4. 12 Marla
    5. 1 Kanal
    6. 4 Marla
    7. 8 Marla
    8. Farmhouses of 1-2 Kanal are also available for those looking for larger areas.

    Residential areas have been divided into different blocks with a plot for sale in Lahore Smart City to avoid congestion and create a clean environment in the society. You can find a range of plots in the block mentioned below:

    General Block of Lahore smart city

    Plots in General Block comprise residential plots and apartments. These plots are reasonably priced for the middle-income strata of the society. The general block has also been provided with all the necessary features and amenities like any other block.

    Smart features as provided in other blocks have also been installed in this block. There will be commercial plots in this block as well. Mosques, playgrounds, and commercial plazas will be built soon.

    Overseas Block of Lahore smart city

    This is the premium residential block of the society. There are residential plots and residential villas in this purely overseas block. Only Pakistanis living abroad or having dual nationality will be allotted plots in this society. The overseas block will have all the features of any residential area of a foreign country.

    The amenities and features in this block will be at par with foreign country standards. There will be mosques, educational institutions, hospitals, shops, hotels and restaurants, and many other facilities. A lush green landscape will be provided to the residents for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

    Executive Block of Lahore smart city

    The Lahore Smart City Executive Block will comprise residential houses and apartments. There will be a commercial district in it with mosques, play areas, jogging tracks, grocery stores, retail shops, and supermarkets.

    The only difference would be the quality of merchandise will be finer and more exquisite, with a higher price tag. Plots in this block will be costlier than the general block. The executive block is also a premium residential block similar to the overseas block.

    Health Care District

    The management plans to build a huge 500-bed hospital in the housing project. It will have state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, the latest operation theater, emergency services, ambulances, all types of specialists. There will also be some residential plots and villas in it. There will be a modern food court, cafes, masjid, and some retail shops.

    Sports District

    Sporting facilities like playgrounds and arenas for all sorts of physical activities will be amply arranged in Smart city Lahore. A cricket ground, a football stadium, a badminton court, and a sporting complex will be provided in the smart city. Like the health care district, the sport district will also have some plots and flats with a food court, and villas will also be constructed there.

    Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley will have facilities for IT work, warehouses and buildings, Smart city Lahore. There will be software houses, technology operation centers, retail offices, and customer care centers in smart city Lahore. Besides offices, the block will have plots, apartments, and villas with mosques and retail shops.

    Education District

    This block will be exclusive for educational purposes; schools, colleges, and the university will be constructed in this block of the smart city. People residing here will have all educational facilities provided within walking distances.

    Gate Precinct

    As soon as you enter the main gate, there comes a block of offices, which is known as the Gate Precinct. Three-star and four-star hotels are planned to be built there, along with residential plots and villas. Commercial areas for retail stores, grocery items, and mosques are also planned for this block.

    Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

    The management of the society has released an informative Lahore Smart City payment plan that provides you with key information about the plot prices. The Lahore Smart City Installment & Payment Plan will help you make the right decisions when buying a plot or making an investment. Here is the Lahore Smart City Residential Plots Payment Plan divided into two categories.

    The payment plan for the Executive block is shown below:

    Plot SizeTotal sizebooking priceconfirmation12 quarterly installments
    4 Marly 8,950,000 895,000 895,000 596,700
    8 Marla 17,450,000 1,745,000 1,745,000 1,163,500

    The payment plan for the Overseas block is as follows:

    Plot sizetotal pricebooking priceconfirmation12 quarterly installments
    4 Marly 9,450,000 945,000 945,000 630,000
    8 Marla 17,950,000 1,795,000 1,795,000 1,196,700

    Latest Developments in Lahore Smart City

    At present, the development work is taking place at a steady pace without any delay. The Smart City owners and developers want to complete the project as soon as possible and provide plots to investors and residents. The road network of the main boulevard is already complete, while the street work is undergoing rapid construction.

    At the same time, ground leveling is being done for further extension of roads and to build inner developmental projects. Environmental work of planting trees is simultaneously being done to provide a lush landscape for residents. The main entrance gate has been constructed as per international standards.

    Why you should invest in Lahore Smart City

    Smart City is not only beneficial for residents but is also highly lucrative for investors. There are many factors behind this profitability. A major reason is that Smart City Lahore is bound to be a popular project amongst countless people, thus making it easier for investors to make money. More residents will buy plots from investors, while developmental projects and commercial areas offer further opportunities. Furthermore, the ideal location of Smart City also increases the profitability of plots over time as the property value increases.

    Most importantly, the owners and developers of Lahore Smart City are reliable for investors, as proved by their successful past projects. The honesty and high work standards of Lahore Smart City owners are unmatched. Considering all these factors, it’s safe to say that Lahore Smart City is the perfect housing society for investment.

    How to book your plot in Smart City Lahore

    The Lahore Smart City Booking Process is very simplified. The developers don’t want residents and investors to face any inconveniences while booking plots. Unlike many other societies, Smart City offers you the opportunity to fill out an application form online. You need to fill every required field in the form for a successful booking. A copy of your NIC or NICOP along with three passport-sized photographs of yourself are needed. Attaching a copy of the NIC of the next of kin is also a requirement.

    After providing the information and documents, you need to pay 10% of the price of the plot in the form of a cheque, pay order, or demand draft, in favor of M/S Future Development Holding (Pvt) Ltd. Submit your completed form, photographs, CNIC copies, and payment in the company’s office for confirmation of your booking. After processing your documents and application, your file will be dispatched to your address within 30 days.

    Smart City Lahore FAQs

    Here are some Lahore Smart City FAQs that you may find helpful

    There’s a marked difference between a normal and a smart city. In a smart city, the owner is in contact with his home from anywhere in the world, with the use of a smartphone. Moreover, features such as a continuous supply of basic utilities, foolproof security, along with other smart features, are not available in a normal city.

    Yes, it is an approved society by the government. The NOC has been issued by the Lahore Development Authority. Therefore, all legal matters have been dealt with, making it completely safe to invest or buy homes in Smart City.

    Developmental work is going on in full gear. Road networks and district developments are already under construction. The whole project will be completed in the soon to come future.

    The owners will be handed over the possession of their plots as soon as the development is finished. You will then be free to use your plot according to your desires.

    Considering the high profitability of Smart City Lahore, the project is suitable for both types of investment. For example, you can buy commercial plots to gain long-term benefits or buy residential plots for short-term profits.

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