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    With rapid development in the construction and development sector of the country in recent years, several top-notch projects have been initiated around the country. As a result, investors and people looking to buy new houses are often left in a state of confusion. After all, countless societies around the country offer top-of-the-class facilities, a luxurious lifestyle, and lucrative investment opportunities.

    However, there’s always a society that stands out from the crowd. The Life Residencia Islamabad is perhaps the best example of such a society. Whether you’re an investor or someone simply looking for a home, The Life Residencia is the society you’ve been looking for. From a strategically planned ideal location to high-standard developmental work and luxurious facilities, The Life Residencia will exceed your expectations of an ideal society. Considering the countless unique features and benefits of this society, it’s safe to say that it has revolutionized the concept of an ideal society. The Life Residencia is the flawless outcome of years of developmental effort, honest work, and clever thinking from its developers. Ever since the initiation of this project, Life Residencia has set itself as an example in the construction and development sector of the country. As a result, new societies strive to follow the example that The Life Residencia has set to attract investors and residents. Undoubtedly, The Life Residencia is the perfect society to live or invest in; however, it’s essential to learn more about the society. Not only will it help you plan investment carefully, but it will also help you see the uniqueness of society. Key details about the society are mentioned below.

    Life Residencia project details

    The owners, developers, and sponsors of the project are M/S Safe Hands Group, which boasts extensive experience of development in the housing sector. They have previously launched multiple top-class housing projects that provided unique facilities and lucrative opportunities for investors. Life Residencia is one of their latest successful projects. The Life Residencia Islamabad is a newly launched housing project situated on the Fateh Jang Road, very next to the New Islamabad International Airport. The location of this project was planned ideally to provide convenient transportation for residents while also increasing property value for investors. The development work on the project has already started, and it is fast undergoing for timely completion. This project can be considered as a prime project in its class in the entire locality due to its unmatched project features of the highest standard.

    The total area of the Life Residencia Islamabad is spread over 10,000 kanals of land, very next to PECHS Housing Scheme near New Islamabad International Airport. Society offers a variety of different sizes of plots. The plot sizes include, 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 10 marlas, 12 marlas, 1 kanal. What’s best is that these plots are also available on a 3-year affordable installment plan.

    Owners of Life Residencia

    The Life Residencia owner and developers of this project are Malik Tehseen Awan, who is the Chairman of the group, and Sarfraz Sial being the Life Residencia CEO. Each group and developer behind The Life Residencia has a history of successful housing projects. The Safe Hand Group, since its inception in 2009, has completed many projects. Previously they have successfully launched 50 Multi Royal villas projects in B-17 and The Abdullah Garden, which were both completed in a very short time of 3 years. Now, Safe Hand Group aims to establish its name as a reliable quality builder of the housing sector through the launching of the Life Residencia housing project. In this respect, Life Residencia Islamabad can be considered as their flagship project. This flagship project will establish Safe Hand Group as the builders of quality projects in the real estate market of the Twin cities.

    Alongside having an unmatched experience in housing projects, the developers and owners of Life Residencia are also known for their work ethics. The Safe Hand Group strives to deal with their clients with honesty, dedication, transparent working, and modern work ethics. Their previously completed projects of 50 Multi Royal Villas in B-17 and their second project of 109 houses under the name of Abdullah Gardens are proof of their superior work ethics and dedication.

    Developers of Life Residencia

    The Safe Hand group is the Developer/builder of the Life Residencia Islamabad. Since its launch in 2003, the company is endeavoring to provide quality housing projects to the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. They have been involved in numerous housing development projects and are known for providing well-planned houses at affordable rates to the people of twin cities. One of their projects, known as Royal Villas in the B-17 sector, was completed and delivered to their owners in a record time period of 2.5 years. Their second housing development scheme was Abdullah Gardens, in which they constructed 91 houses in a very short period of 3 years. With extensive experience on their hands, the Safe Hand Group has decided to launch a flagship project known as The Life Residencia and show their true potential.

    Life Residencia Location

    The developers of Life Residencia have carefully thought about every aspect of the society before construction to achieve the best possible outcome. One of the remarkable aspects of Life Residencia is its prime location near the New Islamabad International Airport. This strategic location was chosen to provide short routes to residents for easy transportation. However, the prime location of this society also increases property value, which is an important factor for any investor. The distance of the housing project is only a 5-minute drive from the Airport, making it incredibly convenient for frequent travelers. Another landmark near the project is the CPEC interchange which is only 200 meters away. This interchange plays an important role in increasing the value of property inside the society. Other major routes passing nearby this housing scheme are the M1 and M2 motorways. The main entrance of the project is on Rama Road, which is again very near to the national highway, whereas zero point and Blue Area in Islamabad are just a 25-minute driving distance away.

    The several key routes connected to Life Residencia tremendously add up to the investment potential of the society. All these major connecting roads will make Life Residencia a highly approachable housing society from all sides and major cities. The M1 and M2 motorways connect society to the rest of the country while also being essential for travelers. The famous places of the federal capital like the parliament house, Shakarparian, Serena Hotel, Aabpara market, Blue Area, and Jinnah Supermarket are all just a 20-25-minute driving distance from the society location. Moreover, the project has a very easy and straight approach to Islamabad through the Kashmir Highway and to Rawalpindi through the Thalian interchange. Besides, there are numerous link roads connecting the society to the major arterial roads of the federal capital, which give this project a distinct edge over all other societies in its vicinity.

    Life Residencia Map

    If you want to gain a deeper insight into the Life Residencia Location and structure, taking a look at the Life Residencia Map can be a good idea. It gives you a top view of the society, enabling you to see each junction and connection to several routes while also seeing the layout of plots and districts. Looking at the map, you’ll notice how the Rama Road connects to the society, leading to Hameeda Choki, which further leads to the CPEC interchange. The Fateh Jang Road can be seen leading towards the New Islamabad Airport, Mumtaz City, Motorway, and other important destinations. These important details about the map will help you make the right decisions when buying a plot in this society. The map outlines the areas of plots for you to choose the most suitable location, according to your details.


    Life Residencia Accessibility

    The location of the Life Residencia makes it an ideally placed housing project accessible from all sides of the city. With the help of several connected routes, visitors and residents can easily move in or out of the city to key destinations. You can get an idea of the accessibility of the society by looking at the distances of key areas from the society mentioned below.

    1. From Multi Garden sector B-17, it has a driving distance of only 32 minutes
    2. From Mumtaz city, it would take only a 14-minute drive
    3. From Sector G-15, it takes only a 26-minute drive
    4. The driving distance from Daewoo Bus stand Rawalpindi is only 30 minutes
    5. From NUST Islamabad, it would take you approximately 35 minutes to reach the society by car.
    6. From Golra Railway station it would take you a 38-minute drive to reach the society
    7. The time taken to reach the New Islamabad airport is about a 25-minute drive
    8. From Tarnol, the society has a driving time of 30 minutes
    9. From Islamabad University Town, a brief drive of 25 minutes would be sufficient to reach the society
    10. Top City project is only 16 minutes away from Life Residencia Islamabad
    11. Toll Plaza M2 Islamabad is only a 30 minutes driving distance away from the society
    12. From I-16 sector Islamabad, it would take you about a 35 minutes drive to get to the society
    13. It will take you only 25 minutes to reach the society from Saddar Rawalpindi
    14. From N-80, it takes only an 8-minute drive to reach the society.

    Life Residencia total area

    The developers and owners of Life Residencia own about 10,000 kanals of land under their development scheme. This area of land will be sub-divided into The Life Residencia Plots of 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 10 marlas, 12 marlas, and one kanal plots, along with developmental projects within the society.

    However, the developers plan to increase the land area of the society if they get proper interest from the general public. Currently, the amount of land is enough to accommodate both investors and residents.

    Life Residencia NOC

    The process of obtaining the NOC has been initiated with the concerned authorities of the Fateh Jang. In this case, the land of the society comes under two district councils. Half of it lies under District Council Fateh Jang, and the other half lies in the RDAs jurisdiction. The society management has submitted the necessary documents with both the authorities, and it is expected that the Life Residencia NOC will be issued shortly.

    Life Residencia features

    The developers of Life Residencia have worked hard to provide maximum top-notch facilities to its residents and investors. With careful development planning and clever thinking, the developers have succeeded in providing modern facilities and unique Life Residencia Islamabad features without any problems. Here are some features that make Life Residencia stand out from the crowd:


    One of the most important aspects of any modern society is security. The Life Residencia has acknowledged this fact and is providing maximum security features to its residents. Society is surrounded by walls and secure gates that isolate it from external dangers at all times. Furthermore, the developers will install CCTV camera networks across the society to reinforce security measures and monitor any unwanted activity. Additionally, security personnel will be patrolling the society 24/7 to prevent any dangerous incident.

    Efficient power and gas management

    Unlike many other societies, Life Residencia management plans to ensure a 24/7 supply of electricity for its residents. In this regard, WAPDA plans to install a backup system for an uninterrupted supply of power to the residents. The management intends to provide electricity through unground electric cables which gives a neat and tidy look to the entire society. Additionally, it gives a secure electric supply system. Moreover, the management is planning to provide an uninterrupted gas supply to its residents. Speedy work is going on to complete these features as soon as possible.

    Clean water supply and effective sewerage

    Water supply is one of the biggest basic needs of any community, and in this respect, the management intends to ensure a 24/7 supply of water. However, this is not the only feature, as Life Residencia will have water filtration systems installed for clean and healthy provision of drinking water to its residents. Collection of garbage is another basic need of any community for which proper solid waste management arrangements are being planned. This is all the more necessary to keep the society environment neat and clean. It will also ensure a mosquito and fly-free atmosphere all around, thus creating a healthy environment.

    High standard roads

    The roads in the entire periphery have been designed by expert road designers, keeping in mind the latest road-building techniques. The whole Life Residencia project has wide and well-carpeted roads with tree-lined boulevards, provided with LED street lights to ensure safety at night. Side lanes and streets are also installed with street lights.

    Commercial, educational, and health features

    Parks and gardens have been designed in a modern style to serve as healthy environments for family entertainment. A modern state-of-the-art hospital is proposed to be built, covering all aspects of health problems humans are facing these days. To meet the educational needs of a vibrant community, schools and colleges are planned to be built across the Life Residencia Community. Commercial areas and shopping centers are also planned to be built. All kinds of commercial needs will be fulfilled within 400 meters of every residential area in Life Residencia.

    Life Residencia Facilities and Amenities

    The planners, while designing this society, tried their best to incorporate all modern amenities and facilities in this society for the comfort and well-being of the residents. Here are some of the most important facilities mentioned below:

    Security facilities

    Security facilities are perhaps one of the most important facilities available. Life Residencia is a gated community that provides a safe and secure environment for its residents. Complete with security guards, CCTV cameras, and a peripheral boundary wall, Life Residencia provides foolproof security facilities.

    Educational institutes

    Education is the basic right of every child; this has been ensured through the provision of modern schooling systems as per the govt plans. State-of-the-art schools will be built to provide modern education to children. These education facilities will be close to residential areas to ease daily commutes to the schools.

    Religious facilities

    Moreover, a central mosque is planned to be built in the center of the society areas, keeping in mind the religious needs of the people. The central masjid will meet all the religious needs of the people in the community.

    Commercial facilities

    The housing society also includes commercial areas within the limits of the society. Commercial areas will provide countless different facilities, such as entertainment and shopping facilities. All sorts of groceries, fruits, and vegetables will be available. Different shops will sell all sorts of merchandise to fulfill the needs of the residents. Shopping malls, grocery stores, wholesale markets are all planned to be built.

    Entertainment and sports facilities

    Parks with different play areas for children and jogging tracks for the adults are being constructed. These parks will serve to fulfill the entertainment and sports needs of residents. To get a deeper insight into the facilities of Life Residencia, it’s a good idea to visit the place and see the features for yourself. By doing so, you will be able to experience these facilities in person, which can help you in making your decision about buying property in the society.

    Master Plan of Life Residencia Islamabad

    M/S Safe Hands has to do all necessary paperwork on a fast track, due to which they haven’t yet prepared the master plan of the society. But they have hired a high-class team of planners and designers to prepare the master plan of the society. So, it is still under preparation. As soon as it is ready, it will be published for the general public to see.

    Residential Plots in Life Residencia Islamabad

    The owner and developers of Life Residencia have in their possession 10,000 kanals of land, on which this entire project is being marketed. The following categories of Life Residencia Islamabad plot for sale to the general public:

    1. 5 marla plots with dimensions of 25x 50 feet
    2. 7 marla plots with dimensions of 30x 60 feet
    3. 10 marla plots with dimensions of 35x 70 feet
    4. 13 marla plots with dimensions of 40x 90 feet
    5. 1 kanal plots with dimensions 50x 90 feet

    Life Residencia Payment Plan

    Life Residencia has a structured payment plan to help investors and residents buy plots easily. Moreover, it also offers the life residencia installment plan for affordability. Here’s a chart of the Life Residencia Islamabad payment plan to help you better understand the conditions and prices:

    Plot size Total Price Booking Confirmation 12 Quarterly Installment On Possession
    5 marla
    7 marla
    10 marla
    13 marla
    1 Kanal

    As you can see, the prices and other details for Plots for Sale in The Life Residencia Islamabad are given above. For example, the life residencia 5 marla plot price is 2,400,000.

    Latest Developments in Life Residencia Islamabad

    Development work is taking place on the project in high gear. Heavy machinery has been brought for leveling off the ground. Roads and streets are being designed while work on sewerage lines is taking place. Trenches for water lines, sewerage pipes, electricity lines, and gas lines are also being laid. After laying construction of these lines, a road network will be built.

    Why you should invest in Life Residencia

    When it comes to investment, investors ensure their valuable money is put in the right place to gain good returns and prevent losses. The profitability of a society is governed by some important factors, such as the reputation of the society developers, property value, future prospects, and society location. Life Residencia is one of the few societies that possess all these features, making it a lucrative investment opportunity.

    Safe Hands group is a renowned builder and developer of Rawalpindi. Their previous projects speak in favor of their honest work. The successful history of the Safe Hands group is proof of their good quality of work, use of high-quality materials. More importantly, they are also known for the timely completion of their projects, commanding a high reputation amongst top construction companies. They are considered builders of well-designed housing projects. Their project by the name of Life Residencia is an excellently architecture and well-planned housing scheme, which incorporates all the features necessary for yielding a good return on any investor’s hard-earned money. So, investors don’t need to worry about fraud or unprofessional work, as Safe Hand developers are highly reliable.

    Moreover, the society has made it relatively affordable for investors to buy plots and other properties. Not only are properties cheap, but society also offers easy installment plans. This makes it easy for investors to invest and gain profits quickly. By spending a low amount of money in buying plots, the investor can then gain large profits in the future. Due to the ideal location of Life Residencia, the value of the property is expected to increase exponentially in the soon to come future. So, it’s best to invest as soon as possible to gain maximum profits. The future prospects of the society are highly promising for these reasons. Additionally, future development projects and an increased number of residents will lead to a greater increase in property value.

    The legal status of the society also makes it an attractive proposition from an investor’s point of view. M/S Safe Hands are trying to obtain the necessary NOC for this project which will attract a large number of investors to the society.

    How to book your plot in Life Residencia

    The builders have adopted a very simple method for booking plots in the society to prevent any inconvenience for residents or investors. The purchaser needs to fill the booking form, along with two passport-sized photographs, copies of NIC or NICOP. Then all you have to do is visit the office of the M/S Safe Hand and select the plot of your choice from the map of the Life Residencia housing project. The developers have laid down different categories of plots that are being offered to the public. The various sizes of plots being offered for sale are 5 marla plots, 7 marla plots, 10 marla plots, 14 marla plots, and one kanal plots.

    Initial Payment has to be made according to the size of the plot. After filling out the booking form and attaching the initial payment in the form of a crossed cheque, bank draft, or pay order, you can book a plot in the Life Residencia housing society. The amount of booking charges is mentioned in the schedule of charges according to the size of the plot.

    Pros & Cons of Life Residencia Islamabad

    Pros of the Life Residencia Islamabad

    1. The plots being offered are guaranteed to be at reasonable market rates, making them affordable for residents and highly lucrative for investors.
    2. The plots being offered are placed at an ideally suitable location in the federal capital. This increases property value, providing a high return on investment.
    3. The society is perfectly located to provide convenient routes for residents and visitors inside or out of the society.
    4. Developmental work is of the highest standards to prevent any future complications for the residents.
    5. The society boasts foolproof security with high-tech security features such as 24/7 CCTV cameras, security guards, and security gates.
    6. Residents will never encounter any security issues.
    7. The society ensures every residential need is fulfilled. Entertainment, religious, and education facilities are all top of the class.
    8. Basic utilities such as gas, water, and electricity are available 24/7, unlike many other societies.
    9. The Life Residencia has created a safe and healthy environment, free of any pollution for its residents.
    10. A luxurious lifestyle is supported in this society.

    Cons of Life Residencia:

    When it comes to the cons of Life Residencia, it’s hard to find any. There isn’t much negativity regarding the Life Residencia project, except that at the present time, there isn’t much population in the area. However, this issue will be dealt with soon, when the developmental work is complete. Life Residencia will soon become a sprawling society.

    Life Residencia FAQs

    There are always a few things left to be understood. However, we can’t let those things confuse us when it comes to the important decision of buying property. So, to help you further understand Life Residencia Islamabad, here are some important Life Residencia FAQs. You can find out more about this society on the life residencia official website.

    Life Residencia is a luxury housing project with top-notch facilities and a luxurious lifestyle. It is ideally located near New Islamabad International Airport.

    The developers of this prestigious housing project are Safe Hands developers and builders. The owners of this project are Malik Tehseen Awan, who is the Chairman of the group, and Sarfraz Sial, who is the CEO.

    Life Residencia is a newly launched project, which falls under union council Attock and RDA. Partial permission has been granted by the RDA, while NOC permission is under the process of RDA.

    Life Residencia is a reasonably priced project, and it has many affordable plot sizes, such as the 5 marla plots. Moreover, you can also purchase plots on an easy installment plan, which further increases the affordability.

    Considering the rapid development and careful planning of The Life Residencia, it seems to have a promising future ahead. People have already started to invest in this society due to good prospects.

    As mentioned earlier, there are several routes connecting the society to key destinations. These routes connect to the society at many different points, making it easily accessible from all sides.

    Many housing projects are coming up around the Life Residencia, due to its popularity. Some examples are Mumtaz City, University town, Top City, B-17 Royal Villas, and multi garden housing scheme.

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