Nova City


    With the boom in the construction business of the country, every day, new projects are being launched. Investors and purchasers often get confused and are left scratching their heads due to the availability of so many housing societies. But there are always some projects which stand out from the rest of the lot.

    Nova City housing society:

    Islamabad is one such project which has some distinct features, making this project unique in all aspects, standing out from the crowd. Nova City has numerous unique features, from its ideal location and proximity to key areas to the state-of-the-art development projects and luxurious lifestyle. The owners/developers of Nova City Islamabad command a high reputation amongst the real estate brokers of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Previously they have successfully launched and completed various housing development schemes in the city.

    Nova city project details

    Nova City Islamabad is a landmark project that will establish new standards in the housing and land development sector of the country. The planners of Nova city have carefully planned and designed this project to ensure a state-of-the-art project. Nova City has been designed keeping in mind the environment, security, entertainment facilities, basic utilities, education facilities, and all other requirements of residents.
    As a result, a flawless infrastructure for society is on its way to be developed. Moreover, the builders have ensured the highest construction standards with good quality building materials in all types of infrastructure construction. The town planners team designed this project are all highly qualified and well-experienced planners of modern cities. These town planners have endeavored to make Nova city a real 21st-century modern housing enclave. With the provision of a sewerage plant, community club, Gymnasium, sports complex, a cricket ground, tennis court and a football ground.
    Another luxury feature of Nova City is the location of this project. The entire area is located just a few kilometres from New International Airport Islamabad, situated next to the CPEC route and Rawalpindi Ring Road. From the front side of the project, the main entrance has been positioned towards the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Whereas from the backside, it is connected with the CPEC route. The central position of the project makes it ideally located. Due to such an ideal location, the project has an added value and convenience for residents. One can easily reach Rawalpindi or Islamabad in 26 and 30 minutes, respectively. Foolproof security for the residents is another plus point of this society. Developers plan to install CCTV cameras in every nook and corner of society. Additionally, security officers will be roaming in and around society 24 hours a day. Intruders will have to think twice before trying to trespass the infallible security system of this society. The management will also build medical and healthcare facilities, complete with state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics to provide emergency services 24/7.

    Owners of Nova city

    Nova City Islamabad is the brainchild of Nova City Developers. Nova City owners are well-known city planners and developers of the twin cities. The developers command a good reputation amongst the builders and developers of the twin cities. As a result, they are highly respected and renowned for their quality of work, commitment, and dedication to completing flawless projects. The owners of the Nova City Islamabad are a highly experienced team in construction and land development. Over the years, Nova City Developers have proved their capabilities through various projects. You can acquire an idea of their expertise from some of their previously completed projects given hereunder.
    1. Orchard Homes Faisalabad
    2. Mid-City Faisalabad
    3. Omega Residencia Faisalabad
    4. This is a modern housing project in Faisalabad.
    5. Green valley Commercial Center Faisalabad
    6. Dawood Heights Faisalabad
    7. Zam Zama Avenue Faisalabad

    Developers of Nova City Islamabad

    The developers of Nova city are well-known builders and developers of the twin cities. Many large-scale builders and real estate companies partner with Nova City Developers due to their honest and high-quality work. They have completed and delivered several projects all over the country. The builders of Nova city are also famous for successfully running schools under the famous brand name of Nova City Schools. Their schools are known for making use of innovative technology to enhance learning in their students. Nova city schools are the market leaders in this type of education.

    Nova city Location

    The developers of Nova City acknowledged the importance of an ideal location and carefully planned the nova city location to be near to key destinations. It is essential for convenient transportation facilities for residents and increases the value of property in society. Nova City housing society Islamabad location is appropriately situated near the CPEC corridor and New Islamabad International Airport. Moreover, the Rawalpindi Ring Road also passes around Nova city Islamabad, providing a fast route into the twin cities for residents. All these major corridors make Nova city a very centrally located ideal point of confluence. The main gate of the society is located towards the Ring Road, whereas the opposite side of the society is located towards the CPEC route. This link will give Nova City a perfect connection to all routes going to Rawalpindi or Islamabad. Another major highway that passes nearby is the M-2 motorway, connecting Lahore and all the country’s major cities. Moreover, the new Islamabad International Airport is just a few minutes from The Nova City, making it highly appealing for frequent travelers.

    Nova city Map

    To gain a deeper insight into the ideal nova city Islamabad location, taking a look at the nova city Islamabad map can be a good choice. It shows you a clear top view of the society, allowing you to see the society’s clever development and surrounding areas. As you look at the map, you’ll understand how the society is located right between the CPEC-Ring Road interchange and the road connecting to the Islamabad Airport. The expo centre is also located beside the road leading to the Islamabad Airport.

    Nova city Accessibility

    The planners of Nova City have located this housing project in an ideal location to increase accessibility for residents from all sides and routes. The main entrance point of Nova City is located towards the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This makes the entire cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad approachable to visitors or residents at a very convenient location. Residents and visitors will have no issues moving in or out of the twin cities through Nova City. The rear side of Nova City is connected with the CPEC route. The main entrance road is called Bongo Kanal Road. The project is also connected with the Rawalpindi/Lahore M-2 Motorway. Through motorways, one may proceed to any route. For example, you can easily visit Lahore. In other words, it is right in the middle of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. One can reach Islamabad and Rawalpindi in just about 30 and 25 minutes of driving time, respectively. The nearby major areas around Nova City Islamabad are given below, along with their driving distances from Nova City:
    1. Three minutes driving distance from Kanal Road.
    2. About 26 minutes driving distance from Islamabad.
    3. About 21 minutes driving distance away from New Islamabad International Airport.
    4. Six minutes driving distance from Bango Attock.
    5. Nine minutes driving distance from Korak Attock.
    6. About 8 minutes driving distance away from Qutbal Attock.
    7. About 25 minutes driving distance away from M-2 motorway.
    8. About 30 minutes driving distance away from Rawalpindi.
    Other Nearby landmark places are:
    1. Rawalpindi
    2. Islamabad
    3. Attock
    4. Fateh Jang
    5. Rawalpindi Ring Road
    6. N-80
    7. M-2 Motorway
    8. CPEC
    9. Top City
    10. New Islamabad International Airport
    11. Mumtaz City
    12. Capital Smart City

    Nova City Total Area

    Not Mentioned

    Nova city NOC

    When it comes to the nova city Islamabad noc, the Nova City developers have not yet obtained NOC or approval from the concerned departments. However, they are trying their level best to get it as soon as possible. To get approval from the government quarters, all builders and developers need to get a NOC. Nova builders are in the process of completing the govt conditionalities to launch the project formally. We hope to get the project approved by RDA, after which the official launch of Nova City can be announced.

    Nova city features

    As mentioned earlier, there are numerous unique Nova City features for creating a luxurious and modern lifestyle for its residents. Nova City provides more than you’d expect, from the 24/7 supply of basic utilities to recreational facilities and much more. Here are some of the most important features that Nova City provides.
    The security of its residents is the top priority of Nova City. Consequently, the developers have focused on designing a foolproof and secure area. Nova city Islamabad is a gated housing project to isolate its residents from external dangers. A highly secure environment has been created with the coordination of a highly competent team of town planners. CCTV cameras and other security equipment have been placed in key areas to prevent any future complications. Trained personnel are always on the lookout for any unwanted activity, further reinforcing the security system of the society. Moreover, Nova City gives its residents a comprehensively designed living environment with a futuristic style and layout of all civic amenities. The amenities include well-planned wide roads with sidewalks, street lights, and green belts. In other words, the infrastructure of Nova City is flawlessly designed. Residents will experience a comfortable lifestyle without encountering any issues regarding transport or electricity, water, and gas supply.
    Moreover, Nova city is aware of the entertainment needs of its residents. So, recreational Parks and zoos are planned to be provided by the builders to the residents of Nova City. Parks and sports facilities are the basic requirement of any housing society and are considered the breathing spaces of a community. For this reason, environmentally friendly lush green parks will be provided to the residents to spend time with their families and enjoy.
    All streets, roads, and main boulevards are designed according to most modern traffic engineering -standards. This state-of-the-art transport network has been created to ensure the safety and well being of the community. For further protection, the street and road networks will be installed with modern traffic safety systems, like lights, signaling systems and road signs. To cater to their residents’ healthcare needs, the builders intend to provide a modern healthcare system. Clinics and hospitals will be built to provide emergency medical aid and healthcare facilities by a well-qualified team of doctors and paramedics staff.
    Children’s playing areas with amusement facilities will also be constructed for further entertainment purposes. The society will supply electric power, gas supply meters and water 24/7. Furthermore, education facilities will be arranged within the Nova City society. Proper solid waste disposal arrangements will also be arranged for the residents. The society will build commercial areas as per the modern concept of being nearest to the residents, which means it will be provided within 400 meters from their residences.

    Nova city Facilities and Amenities

    The magnificently designed architecture of the main gate welcomes you to a splendid community containing the finest residential area with numerous facilities and amenities. Nova City is a revolutionary housing society bringing comfort living and a secure and healthy environment for its residents. It’s a place where luxurious living, modern lifestyle, healthy environment, and secure living is the prime concern of the builders and developers of Nova City. All these Nova city Facilities and Amenities have been provided to the residents at an affordable and reasonable price.
    Other features of Nova City include a Gated community with highly trained security guards. The developers will install CCTV cameras to cover the whole of Nova City from one end to the other. Security personnel will be roaming the streets of Nova city on motorcycles 24/7. All roads, streets and boulevards will be lit at nighttime with modern LED street lights. Parks and gardens will be provided for the residents to take their families and children to jog or spend evenings there. Parks and Gardens are an essential component of any modern residential area. So the management considers this to be an absolute necessity for the residents of Nova City. All parks would have the facility of a jogging track in them. The roads, boulevards will be carpeted with fine bitumen, thus ensuring the long life of the road network.
    Medical facilities in clinics and hospitals will ensure emergency relief in case of an accident or medical emergencies. These medical facilities will be equipped with modern medical instruments and staffed with qualified medical doctors and paramedics. Commercial areas are another basic requirement of a sprawling community. The society will provide commercial areas to the Nova City residents covering all their requirements within the Nova City area.
    Solid waste disposal is a big problem in all the major cities of the country. However, Nova City deals with this issue effectively. Providing proper disposal areas has been ensured that there are no unappealing spots containing diseases or pests in the entire Nova City area. Therefore, the residents of Nova City will enjoy a clean lifestyle within the society. Education is one big cause of concern for the parents, management of the Nova City has strived hard to establish necessary schooling facilities for the residents. In this regard, the management itself is involved in the schooling business. They own many schools by their brand name of Nova. They intend to establish their brand of schools in the entire Nova City area. Considering all this, the Nova City community will be a self-sustaining community that would not be dependent on any outsider. This would be an added advantage for the residents. It would create a very healthy, eco-friendly atmosphere. In case of any danger, they will not have to rely on outside help.

    Master Plan of Nova City Islamabad

    Because of the early planning stage of the project, the management has not yet released the master plan of Nova City Islamabad. It is planned to be released after the launching of the project. However, a marketing company has obtained some info about the layout plan of the project, which will be shown to the public at the appropriate time in the future.

    Residential Plots in Nova City Islamabad

    Various categories of plots are being offered to the public, these areas below,
    1. 5 Marla or 125 sq. yd
    2. 8 Marla or 240 sq. yd
    3. 10 Marla or 250 sq yd.
    4. 14 Marla or 420 sq. yd.
    5. 1 Kanal or 500 sq. yd.

    Nova city Payment Plan

    The undermentioned Nova City payment plan is a pre-launch payment plan for Plots for Sale in Nova City. A company sets these payment schedules for those customers who want to buy plots in Nova City. These may be considered as estimated nova city Islamabad rates which could vary at the time of the actual launch of the project. The plots in Nova City are considered the most reasonable and affordable from the buyer’s point of view, taking into account the high level of facilities and luxuries being offered. So, the final prices of the plots will be disclosed at the time of its formal launching.
    Plot size Total Price Down Payment 40 Monthly Instalment On Possession
    5 marla
    8 Marla
    10 marla
    14 Marla
    1 Kanal

    Terms and Conditions:

    The prices mentioned above are for non-category Nova city Residential plots. All category plots will be charged additional 10% charges. The developers can change the prices given above without any notice. The prices given above are temporary pre-launch estimated prices, valid for a short time. Monthly installments have to be paid by the 10th of every month.
    Moreover, the prices given above are inclusive of development charges. You can make payment in the form of a pay order/DD or cheque to be made in favor of “Nova City Developers”. A fee of 10% will be charged upon confirmation of a booking after 45 days. Failure to pay a 10% confirmation fee may result in the cancellation of the booking. In case of a cancellation, only 75% amount will be refunded. Upon confirmation of a plot, you can schedule installments per the customer’s desire, i.e. monthly, quarterly or every six months. Nova City will give a 10% discount on full price to those who want to pay full payment. 5% discount is offered to those who pay 50% of the booking amount. Charges are exclusive of govt duties, charges or taxes.

    Investment in Nova City Housing Society

    Investment in nova city housing society is one of the best decisions any investor can make. It’s especially profitable for long-term investments. The project being in its infancy could take several years before it comes to a shape. But due to its location, which is next to CPEC and Rawalpindi Ring road, it becomes a perfect place for a long term investment. Secondly, its master planning shows it to be far superior to any other housing project nearby. The expansive roads, streets and lanes are of unmatched design and quality compared to its rival societies in the vicinity. For any housing project to be viable, the quality of its infrastructure, town planning, and government approvals determine its success. The developers, an experienced team of town planners, have a very successful track record of launching highly lucrative projects. Even at this pre-launch stage, the management is flooded with inquiries about the project, mostly by investors. It is expected to yield high profits for the investors of Nova City Islamabad.

    Latest Developments in Nova City Islamabad

    The project is undergoing development at a very fast pace. Infrastructure development is moving in high gear. There’s a lot of development going on from ground leveling to the construction of roads, laying of sewerage lines, water lines, various cables, and power lines. Moreover, the road network designing is also being finalized. As soon as these works are completed, the project will be launched.

    Why you should invest in Nova city

    Considering the construction industry booming of the country, this is the best time to invest in the country’s housing sector. There are so many housing projects are being launched all over the country. Now the question arises as to which society to invest in this we have to consider all aspects of society about its feasibility for success. The factors which govern the success or failure of a housing project investment are the project location, property value, and prospects. As Nova City is located at the confluence of major routes like the CPEC route, Rawalpindi Road, and motorway M-2, it’s undoubtedly one of the best societies when it comes to location. Due to this reason, the value of property in society will increase as soon as the development is completed. Therefore, anyone who invests in society now can receive a high profit in the future. Moreover, the value of the property will also increase due to the high standard of development. If we look at their previously completed projects, it’s evident that Nova City developers provide great facilities and high-quality development. However, the reliability and reputation of the project’s builders is also an important factor to consider when it comes to investment. In this regard, the developers of Nova City command high respect amongst the property developers of the local area, making them highly reliable.

    How to book your plot in Nova city

    Nova City has adopted a simplified Nova city Booking process to prevent any inconveniences for its residents or investors. If you’re looking forward to purchasing property in Nova City, the following documents have to be presented to book a plot. • Three CNIC photocopies • Three passport-sized photographs • Photocopy of next of kin’s CNIC • Payment of Booking charges 10% of the price of the plot.

    Pros and cons of Nova City Islamabad

    The pros of Nova city are mentioned below • Well planned infrastructure, like sewerage and drainage system • Its perfect location • Fail-proof supply of Water, Gas and Electricity • A simplified booking process

    Cons of Nova city are

    • Its distant location from the city • It’s surrounding of non-habitation However, even these few disadvantages will disappear in the future, as the areas around Nova City are rapidly developing.

    Nova city Faqs

    Here are some Nova City FAQs that you may find helpful in making your decisions about buying property. However, you can gain more information through the nova city Islamabad contact number or nova city Islamabad website.

    Nova city differs from other societies in its modernistic approach to the whole concept of style and design of the infrastructure. It offers various facilities often absent in many other societies, making it stand out from the crowd.

    Currently, the society awaits approval from RDA. As a result, it does not have a NOC for the official launch. However, the society will soon get approval as RDA is working on the process rapidly.

    Development work is going on in full gear without any delay. The entire infrastructure of society is being built rapidly, including road networks, electricity, water, gas systems, and other facilities.

    Yes, this project has a very flexible payment schedule along with affordable prices. If you can’t afford to pay the full price, you can opt for an easy Installment Plan and Price in nova city. More importantly, you won’t find any other project offering the same facilities at Nova City’s prices.

    Yes, since the payment schedule is so easy, it makes it alluring to all segments of society to invest. Moreover, considering the rapid development and the society’s ideal location, the value of properties is expected to increase in the future. Therefore, the society will yield a high return on investment.

    All facilities that a modern community requires are being provided in Nova City. Along with the basic facilities, such as gas, water, and electricity, there are many other facilities. Security and entertainment facilities are just a few of the many services provided in Nova City.

    All the factors which appeal to an investor are present in this housing project. The location of the project, provision of modern facilities, and state-of-the-art infrastructure are all present. These are some of the features which make this project highly lucrative for investors.

    No, at present, Nova City developers do not offer commercial plots for sale to the general public.

    This project is located a few minutes away from the New Islamabad International Airport at the juncture of the CPEC route with the Rawalpindi Ring road.

    Nova City stands apart from other societies due to its better infrastructure, modern features, and ideal location. Moreover, it also offers affordability and unique facilities to set itself apart from other societies. Nova City is an incredibly beautiful, well-designed area to live in which is perfect for the entire family to live in. It offers the best modern amenities for the perfect, comfortable living experience.


    The Nova City Developers are developing Nova City Islamabad at a prime location, perfect for any resident. Located between the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route, Nova City is one of the most incredible housing projects. Alongside being the perfect living area, the society has a high potential and good return on investment.

    The development work is taking place at a fast pace, and society is rapidly taking shape. The developers will provide the best infrastructure plan along with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities in Nova City housing society Islamabad. Considering the high standard amenities and infrastructure of Nova City Islamabad, it’s the perfect spot, whether you’re an investor or someone looking for a place to live.

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