Rudn Enclave

    Overview of RUDN Enclave

    One of the most remarkable real estate’s projects underway anywhere in the country, RUDN Enclave is one of Rawalpindi’s fastest developing housing societies. Stretching over eighteen thousand canals, it is a state-of-the-art community with the best modern amenities within. Furthermore, it is also a secure, gated housing society, controlled under one of Pakistan’s most reliable firms, NESPAK. NESPAK controls all the development and planning, whereas RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd is also a major shareholder and developer in the project. RUDN Enclave is all about marking a new era in real estate and letting buyers make the maximum amount of profits. It is a stunningly designed society located nearby Adiala Road, on the main route of the twin cities. Furthermore, it has an incredibly central location between the two dams and is located nearby the N-5 highway  and M2 Motorway. The Thalian Interchange and CPEC Route are also located nearby.

    About RUDN Enclave

    Various new housing projects have been launched in the twin cities, but RUDN Enclave is easily a project that sets itself apart. It is an ideal project in every sense, as it has a prime location, state-of-the-art facilities, and incredibly affordable prices. Buyers get every possible facility while living in a stunningly designed society. It is an incredibly large-scale project, constructed with international standards, and has incredibly modern architecture. Furthermore, the project is planned next to the Khasala dam, over 14000 kanals of high-quality land. It stretches up to Java dam towards the west and till Chakri road towards the south. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd is the owner and developer of the project, and they have a contract stretching for two years with NESPAK. The contract gives them control over master planning and project design for over 10,000 kanals of land. NESPAK is responsible for ensuring that a reliable, reputable developer assumes control of the project to ensure that society adheres to the strictest international standards for development. This is likely to have been finalized in September 2020. RUDN Enclave is no small housing society. It owns over 14000 kanals of land, and with more land purchasing going on, this number is only set to increase. Clients can have the registry of plots after they make the full payment, ensuring immaculate planning. Furthermore, the society aims to use its prime location to ensure upscale development in the region. The Rawalpindi Ring Road passes through the RUDN enclave, which gives it direct access through the Adyala Road Interchange. The society sells most of its plots on land instead of files, and thus, most of the inventory is already sold out. The commercial plots, in particular sell at hefty profits.

    Rudn Enclave Developers & Designer

    RMRSCO (PVT.) Ltd

    RMRSCO (PVT) Ltd is one of the leading franchises overseeing the project with over ten years of experience. They have experience in building large-scale projects and can take care of all complexities surrounding the development. RMRSCO aims to hasten the development in the twin cities with this groundbreaking project.

    NesPak (PVT.) Ltd

    NESPAK is a company with a stellar portfolio in both Asia and Africa. Established in 1973, NESPAK is a governmental institute and the main design consultant for RUDN Enclave. More than 5100 skilled employees and engineers work around the clock to ensure that each project is immensely successful.


    Rudn Enclave NOC

    NOC is the basic requirement for any society to obtain from the concerned governmental departments. This document establishes the legal status of any housing society. The government has made it mandatory for every housing society to obtain NOCs from several departments like RDA, WASA, Environment Dept. WAPDA, SNGPL, etc. Obtaining NOCs from all these depts. It is a cumbersome and lengthy process that takes a long time to fulfill its conditionality. RUDN Enclave has already initiated this process with these depts. As soon as these NOCs are issued, RUDN Enclave will inform members and the public through the press and media. Furthermore, stakeholders will be pleased to learn that according to the new amendments made by the government, all developmental authorities cannot delay the issuance of the RUDN NOC by more than 60 days without a valid reason. Therefore, the RUDN Enclave administration hopes to get the required NOCs in time for the members to start building their houses. The administration of the society has already submitted with the Rawalpindi Development Authority all land documents, maps, and designs. Therefore, society will hopefully be getting the required NOCs sooner than later in late August or early September.

    Rudn enclave location

    The RUDN Enclave location is near the M2 motorway on Adyala road Rawalpindi, RUDN Enclave has an incredibly prime location. It is just minutes away from the biggest marketplaces and business hubs in the area. It also has easy access to Rawat and Saddar Rawalpindi. There are several ways you can access the RUDN Enclave location, depending on where you’re coming from.
    1. Phase 8, Bahria Town: 31 min away.
    2. Rawat-Chakwell Road: 24 min away.
    3. Islamabad Gandhara International Airport: 48 min away.
    4. Saddar, Rawalpindi: 48 min away.
    5. M-2 Motorway, via Chakri Toll Plaza: 29 min away.
    6. N-5 National Highway, Grand Trunk Rd, Rawalpindi: 49 min away.
    7. Rawat, Islamabad: 51 min away.

    Rudn enclave Map

    Everybody loves to make their living place at a peaceful, ideal location. You want to pick a housing society where all the basic amenities like school, college, marketplace, park or other recreation facilities, and praying place are at an easily reachable place. RUDN Enclave is one such place offering all these facilities are provided in an environmentally friendly location. It is situated on Rawalpindi’s Adyala road, and Kachehri chowk is just 20 km away. There are shopping centers, universities, health facilities, and all other amenities that are essentially required in the surrounding areas of RUDN Enclave. With the completion of Rawalpindi Ring road, the following places will become easily accessible for this prime location society residents. The RUDN map will show you how ideal the location is.
    1. T-Chowk and Giga mall will be a short driving distance away.
    2. Zero-point and Kashmir highway will be at a distance of 20-25 minutes’ drive away.
    3. You can easily reach Islamabad airport in 10-12 minutes as seen on the RUDN map.

    Rudn enclave Major Routes

    There are various routes you can take to reach RUDN Enclave.

    Rawalpindi Ring Road

    The RUDN Enclave is located right on the Rawalpindi Ring Road, and there are several ways you can reach this society. Now only a completion of the Rawalpindi Ring road is desired by the residents of the twin cities. Gate No.1 of the RUDN Enclave is adjacent to the Ring road. This also means that you will get the shortest distance from the Islamabad Airport.

    Chakri Interchange

    The distance of the Chakri Interchange is 22 Km from the RUDN Society, which connects RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi with the M2 motorway. Through the motorway, M2 RUDN Enclave is connected with Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan. If you go further south, you can reach up to Karachi. RUDN Enclave is connected on the other side through the motorway with Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

    Rawat Link Road

    RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi is ideally located on the path which links it to Rawat link road.

    Dhamyal Link Road

    Those people who want to adopt the Dhamyal Link road route to reach RUDN Enclave can do so.

    Rudn enclave Surrounding

    RUDN Enclave surrounding has an ideal location and is situated near some of the region’s most well-developed areas. On one side, it is connected with Bahria Town phase 8, and next to it is PIA Enclave. Rose valley and various other big housing schemes are all situated in the same zone. Furthermore, other central points are just a short drive away, making it a prime spot. The easy access to this location makes it the perfect place to live and have an easy lifestyle with all modern amenities.

    RUDN Enclave Total Area

    RUDN Enclave’s total landmass spreads to an area of up to 18000 kanals. This landmass has been professionally landscaped to make this entire society a very hospitable place for the dwellers of this society. The society developers have divided the area into several executive blocks that people can choose as per their tastes and likings. This means that RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi has immense variety, and people can pick from a range of plots.

    Rudn Enclave Legal Status

    The RUDN Enclave society has thoroughly gone through the legal aspects of completing the paperwork. They are working towards getting the NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi has already submitted their papers for obtaining the NOC. Now it is expected to be issued by the end of August or early September.

    Rudn Enclave Project Plan

    RUDN Enclave developers have already issued the project plan, which comprises Block A to Block G. Blocks A, C, F, and Block G are residential blocks. These blocks consist of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, and 10 Marla plots and 1 Kanal residential plot, offering residents various plot sizes to choose from. Furthermore, there are four marlas, eight marlas, and 1 Kanal commercial plot. B Block is reserved for stunning villas, and the developers plan to sell these at a later stage when most of the society is well-developed. This will help them attract high-class buyers easily. D and E blocks comprise 4 and 8 Kanal farmhouses and commercial plots in a range of sizes. RUDN Enclave has meticulously planned everything in the housing scheme, ranging from road sizes to easy accessibility. The minimum size of every link road will be 30 feet, and other roads would have a minimum size of 60 feet. Furthermore, the width of the main boulevard would be 200 feet of paved road. All commercial pilots are proposed to be located on the main boulevard for maximum and easy accessibility and avoid traffic congestion. Ample parking space has been provided for the shoppers and visitors to the shopping malls. As the name suggests, the main boulevard will be a tree-lined wide road designed as per modern city planning principles. Sidewalks will be provided for pedestrian users. All roads will be properly named with road signs, traffic signals, direction signboards, and street lights.

    General Block

    As per the map drawn by the RUDN Enclave, Blocks A-G are residential blocks, with 5 marla, 7 marlas, 10 marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots. Furthermore, there are 4 marlas, 8 marlas, and 1 Kanal commercial plot. B block is reserved for villas proposed to be sold later when the development work has been completed to attract more investors of that class. Block D and E would comprise 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal farmhouses and different-sized commercial plots. The width of the link road is proposed to be a minimum of 30 feet. In comparison, the width of the road would be 60 feet. The main boulevard would have a width of 200 feet paved road. All commercial plots of I kanal have been located on the 200 feet main boulevard.

    Executive Block

    The Executive block is situated on Adyala Road, which is a newly developed residential block. This block will be connected to the RUDN Enclave general block, starting from Adyala Road to the Java dam. From Java, dam road will be connected to general block and Ring road through the 200 feet wide main boulevard that would connect both areas. The RUDN Enclave executive block is the model block of the RUDN Enclave. Being the executive block, there are no 5 marla plots in this block. There are 7 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal plot for residential purposes. Furthermore, there are commercial plots of 4 marlas and 8 marlas. The development plan here is a class apart from being an executive block compared to the general block. In this executive block, the size of the street is a minimum of 40 feet wide, 40% of land utilization is for residential areas, and 60% is reserved for amenity areas like parks, entertainment areas, shopping areas, and sports grounds, etc. This block is being developed in the first phase the development work is fast going on. A site has been built there by the company to brief visitors and arrange visits to various project locations. The company has posted adequate staff to facilitate visitors and guide them about the development work going on at various locations up to Jawa and Khasala dam. The preliminary master plan of the executive block has been released. However, RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi will release a comprehensive and complete master plan once the balloting of the plot numbers takes place within a few months.

    Residential Plots

    There are various categories of plots people can purchase in RUDN Enclave. The number of sizes makes it easy for people to find a perfect accommodation for them. The residential land in RUDN Enclave is divided into 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot.

    Farm Houses

    RUDN Enclave is the perfect spot to build a picturesque RUDN Enclave farmhouse in a safe, secure location. The Enclave has plots of various sizes, so you can have as large a farmhouse as you desire. You can either go for a 4 Kanal plot or an 8 Kanal one, depending on your needs.

    Commercial Plots

    RUDN Enclave is the perfect spot to start up your new business, and you can take advantage of the exclusive commercial zone to set up shop in various sizes. You can opt for a 4 Marla plot or an 8 Marla one for a comfortable space to earn. Additionally, the project plan for RUDN Enclave includes a theme park, mosque, gymnasium, and all other modern amenities based on an international model.

    Rudn enclave Features

    RUDN enclave is one of its kind projects with a broader vision and with all the elegant facilities. Every block of this Enclave is planned with a unique angle to give an exclusive living experience to the residents. RUDN enclave is a well-planned housing society, and the developers make sure to provide their residents with every possible facility. Some of the best RUDN Enclave features include 24/7 electricity, 24/7 Sui gas, theme parks, schools, colleges, groceries, shopping centers, malls. Most importantly, they can enjoy a secure environment with security gates and a proper surveillance system that needs our time. There is a police station within the society to help residents feel much safer. Furthermore, Rudn enclave society has well-planned wide, carpeted roads, streets, and sidewalks for pedestrians. Rudn enclave has planned and focused on every detail carefully, and they have a stellar drainage system, waste disposal, and solid waste disposal system.

    Commercial Zones

    RUDN Enclave has a massive commercial zone filled with the best retail brands that can cater to all of your needs. You can have the best shopping experience, without ever needing to go far away from home.

    Zoos & Parks

    Society has ample opportunities for kids and adults alike to enjoy themselves to the fullest. The society will have various zoos, parks, and fun activities to help every resident, regardless of age, to have a good time.

    Club & Community Center

    The club and community center allow residents to enjoy recreation without ever venturing too far. Residents can partake in various sports, ranging from snooker, bowling, and table tennis to cricket, hockey, badminton, and tennis. Furthermore, they can enjoy a well-designed golf course too.


    RUDN Enclave recognizes the importance of a state-of-the-art healthcare facility in the region to residents who want to lead a safe lifestyle. The hospital will be equipped with the latest technology to ensure that residents get the care they deserve.


    Schooling is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a home, and parents want to ensure that their children have access to the best schools. That’s why RMRSCO has decided to build a new brand of the National School in RUDN Enclave.

    Botanical Garden

    RUDN Enclave focuses on creating a lush, environmentally friendly society with abundant botanical gardens in the area. These gardens create a cleaner environment and help make society a much more beautiful place to live.


    Housing societies need to encourage religious values and give people easy access to places of worship. This elegant housing society has an abundance of beautiful mosques, which will make it easy for people to fulfill their religious rites.

    Gated Community

    Society needs to be adequately gated to ensure a safe experience for all residents. RUDN Enclave is an incredibly secure location, with a boundary wall creating a gated society. This can limit the entry and exit of unwanted individuals and make for a safer neighborhood.

    Electricity, Gas, and Water

    Although modern amenities are appreciated, societies first need to ensure they can offer their residents the basics first. Without gas, electricity, and water supply, residents can find living in even posh areas incredibly challenging. However, RUDN Enclave has a constant, 24/7 supply of these basic amenities across all blocks throughout the year.

    24/7 Surveillance

    Safety is one of the prime concerns when selecting a place to live, and RUDN Enclave places the utmost importance on the resident’s safety. There is a network of CCTV cameras around the society and a police station where residents can report all their concerns. The constant surveillance can help create a society safe for all residents.

    Modern Infrastructure

    RUDN Enclave takes full advantage of Rawalpindi’s natural lush, vibrant greenery for a stunning project. The infrastructure is incredibly modern and eye-catching, and built to last. It is indeed one of the most promising projects in the area. RUDN Enclave residential plots enjoy a beautiful, prime location.

    State-Of-the-Art Development

    RUDN Enclave showcases some of the best craftsmanship all over Pakistan. It has state-of-the-art facilities, which can make living there a dream come true. RUDN Enclave is truly a housing scheme that will be a landmark of modernization in Pakistan. It has many amazing RUDN Enclave features, such as eco-friendly area, modern amenities and more.

    RUDN Enclave Development Status

    RMRSCO is involved in developing RUDN Enclave, and they have completed more than 20% of earthwork in Block A. Development has slowed down for the time being, but there are still bulldozers involved in leveling work. Furthermore, proper development will recommence once all the pre-requisites are finalized. The team is seriously looking towards beginning full-fledged development, and once the NOC is issued, you can expect the team to make some fast progress.

    Prices and Payment Plan

    RUDN Enclave has an incredibly affordable RUDN Enclave price plan designed to cater to all income groups looking for a respectable place to stay. Although there are varied prices over the 14000 Kanal landscape, RUDN Enclave payment plan is easy no matter which plot you pick. You only need to make a 20% down payment and repay the rest over 4 years in equal monthly payments.

    Executive block residential plots payment plan

    Plot size Total Price Down Payment (20%) Monthly Instalments (48) At Possession (10%)
    7 Marla
    10 Marla
    1 Kanal

    Executive block commercial plots payment plan

    Plot size Total Price Down Payment (20%) Monthly Instalments (48) At Possession (10%)
    4 Marla
    8 Marla

    General block residential plots payment plan

    Plot size Total Price Booking (15%) Confirmation (5%) Monthly Instalments (48) At Possession (10%)
    5 Marla
    7 Marla
    10 Marla
    1 Kanal

    General block commercial zone payment plan

    Plot size Total Price Down Payment (15%) Monthly Instalments (48) At Possession (10%)
    1 Kanal

    Farm House payments Plan

    Plot size Total Price Booking (15%) Confirmation (5%) Monthly Instalments (48) At Possession (10%)
    4 Marla
    8 Marla

    All the prices are inclusive of development charges, and the RUDN Enclave payment plan can change owing to changing circumstances. Furthermore, all installments need to be deposited by the 1st of each month.

    Investment Potential

    With the start of the Rawalpindi ring road, a new era of construction and investment has opened up for investors and housebuilders. RUDN Enclave would be getting the maximum advantage due to the opening of the ring road. It is estimated that with the start of work, the prices of property will increase with a big margin in a matter of few weeks. Property experts and estate agents have estimated that prices would rise by 20-30%. Per year on residential plots, RUDN Enclave commercial plots prices are calculated to be up to 50%.

    One of the biggest plus points in purchasing plots in RUDN Enclave is that this society sells plots through the actual physical transfer of the property after full payment and not selling files. In other words, the society offers registration cum transfer of plot after full payment has been received. Which indicates the ownership of the land on which the RUDN Enclave is building the proposed society. This aspect leaves no margin of fraud by society, which is a common practice by all other societies.

    Market Sentiments

    With the construction of Rawalpindi ring road, by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. the investment scenario has suddenly shifted towards Chakri and Adyala road. Investors and builders are all very enthusiastic due to this shifting trend. This has brought many new investors into the market, giving a boost to the daily transfer and purchase of plots. Thousands of investors are investing in housing sector projects like Mivida City, Blue World City, Capital Smart City features, and RUDN Enclave. It is estimated by the Gurus of the real estate market that prices in this area would rise by 25% to 35%, and it is a conservative estimate. They could rise by up to 50% for the next 3 to 4 years. Only due to the start of work on the Rawalpindi ring road. Therefore, this area is considered to be having more investment potential than the other fancy and expensive housing schemes on GT Road and Islamabad Highway.

    Another big advantage for investors or plot buyers is the option of paying through installments. RUDN Enclave is offering 4 years’ installment plan with low prices and a secure investment portfolio, with a higher profit margin on your minimum investment.

    RUDN Enclave FAQs

    RMRSCO is a well-established technical professional, engineer, and project manager who can take on various construction projects in Pakistan. They are incredibly competent and can handle even the most complex projects with incredible finesse.

    NESPAK is the National Engineering Service of Pakistan. It is a prestigious governmental organization. It is one of the top engineering consultancy organizations working in Asia and Africa.

    This is a popular one in RUDN Enclave FAQs. There is a rapidly growing demand in the housing sector, and RMRSCO aims to fulfil this demand by building a premium housing project in an ideal location. RUDN Enclave is situated on Adyala road,

    On CPEC ROUTE near Islamabad Airport. With a picturesque view of the Dam Khalsa and all the modern facilities nearby, in a safe and secure gated community.

    nearby Rawalpindi ring road.

    The society has submitted completed documents in all respect with the RDA. We are expecting the RUDN NOC to be issued by the RDA anytime soon.

    Society has an open policy in this regard. Which is that as soon as a client has completed its payment, they can get it transferred in their name.

    The project managers will give possession in 2024.


    Yes, you can deposit directly into the society’s Bank account through IBFT/IBN. Or, you can deposit cash directly in the society office.


    The best time to invest is when development is just starting. As time passes, more and more plots will sell out.

    RUDN Enclave is a state-of-the-art housing facility with modern amenities, a wide range of commercial and residential plots, and a prime location. It aims to cater to all income groups and allows everyone to live in a respectable, well-designed location. Extremely well-planned, RUDN Enclave is a safe and secure community and the perfect place to make your dream home.

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